"These should keep your feet warm."


The Yeti Fur Boots are Level 20 Adventurer-class Boots dropped by The Yeti at a 2.5% Drop rate.

They provide +2 Stamina and a +40% boost to HP Regen Speed.


They are bulky, greyish-white boots with grey yeti fur at the brim and leather at the bottom. There is also asymmetrical leather wrapping around each boot.


  • The Yeti Fur Boots used to be equipable at level 21.
  • They are considered to be one of the best Boots in the game due to the Stamina update.
  • These are one of three boots Mages can wear.
  • The stamina these boots give is also rivaled by the Sandskulker Boots, which are exclusive to Hunters.
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