Whispering Dunes is an area which was released on the 24th of January, 2019.


The Whispering Dunes is a massive desert-like area shrouded with dead trees and cacti, located on the main continent, said to be North-West of The Colosseum.

It is the only area so far to feature a hydration mechanic during daytime which prevents stamina recovery and ultimately damages the player when stamina is fully depleted. This can be avoided in several ways. Portable Water prevents this all together, while Cactus Fruit or the adventurer's regeneration ability can be consumed to replenish the stamina bar fully. Standing in the water found in an Oasis or the main town will grant a temporary hydrating effect, and standing in shade will allow for the stamina bar to recover at its usual rate unless you have been dehydrated for a long period of time.

The Whispering Dunes is connected to Scallop Shores through The Gauntlet. Only after you have defeated the bandits that control the bridge may you pass, giving you access to The Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied). If you are in a party with a player that has not completed the gauntlet, you must take it again to access the whispering dunes.

Multiple oases accompanied by palm trees are scattered around this wasteland, together with temple-like buildings in certain areas. Only a single town can be found on the map.

Ancient Temple

The Ancient Temple is an area in The Whispering Dunes that supposedly serves as a lobby for the Ancient Temple Dungeon. The dungeon is not out yet. The most likely entrance is north of the giant pyramid (found on the map below) where a large structure sits, surrounded by 4 corroded statues.


  • The Lost Palace: Dr. Henry Bones' son, Mississippi Bones, has gone missing somewhere in The Whispering Dunes. This quest can only be enabled if you have the Lost Journal, which can be found in a tent near an oasis. This quest is started in the Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied).
    • Rewards:
      • ~10m exp
      • Choice of Level 45 Weapon (indirectly)
      • It allows the player to enter the Archaeologist shop in the town.


  • Before The Whispering Dunes was released, Berezaa hosted a 'launch party' where he teleported a group of people to the place and gave them a tour.
  • The Whispering Dunes is currently the largest map in-game.
  • Below is a map of the whispering dunes, and all the chest locations included. 
    (Credit to user bubbley552 for creation of this map)
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