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Whispering Dunes is an area that was released on the 24th of January, 2020.


The Whispering Dunes is a massive desert-like area shrouded with dead trees and cacti, located on the main continent, said to be North-East of The Colosseum.

The Whispering Dunes is connected to Scallop Shores through The Gauntlet. Only after you have defeated the Bandits that control the bridge may you pass, giving you access to The Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied). If you are in a party with a player that has not completed The Gauntlet, you must take it again to access the Whispering Dunes.

Multiple oases accompanied by palm trees are scattered around this wasteland, together with temple-like buildings in certain areas. Only a single town, the Outpost, can be found on the map. Ravines run across everywhere within the vast desert, home to various different creatures.


The Whispering Dunes is the only area so far to feature a dehydration mechanic during daytime which reduces Stamina recovery by 67% (Formerly preventing stamina to recover)

This can be avoided in several ways:

  • Portable Water and the Aviators prevents this all together by constantly keeping you hydrated.
  • Cactus Fruit can be consumed to fully replenish your Stamina bar.
  • Sand Sharks can be consumed to temporarily negate heat exhaustion for one full day-night cycle.
  • Standing in the water found in an oasis or the Outpost will grant a temporary hydrating status effect
  • Standing in shade will protect you from heat exhaustion, allowing the stamina bar to recover at its usual rate.


Path to The Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied)


Self explanatory, the path the player uses to get from the Whispering Dunes to The Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied). As with most places in the Whispering Dunes, it can be quite hard to figure out where it is, so use this image:

The path can be found in between the two large monoliths.

Tal-Rey's Tomb Entrance

Tal-Rey's Tomb is a sublocation in the Whispering Dunes that supposedly serves as a lobby for the Tal-Rey's Tomb dungeon. The dungeon is not out yet, though it is Upcoming. The most likely entrance is north of the giant pyramid (found on the map below) where a large structure sits, surrounded by 4 corroded statues.

Vulture's Landing

Vulture's Landing is a sublocation in the Whispering Dunes that is located to the western part of the desert (from The Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied)). It houses many monolithic rock structures and a variety of enemies and bosses (Deathstings, BossSarakis the Impaler, and BossAuktufiti the Watcher).

In order to access Vulture's Landing, you must go near BossAuktufiti's Watchtower. There will be hanging "ropes" with a Bandit flag, and in order to reach the top, you must go up the easy-to-miss trails that spiral up the sand structures. When you reach the "ropes", you must either parkour up the ropes if you are a Hunters Hunter, or you can scale the opposite sand structure.

Wurm Pit

The Wurm Pit is a sublocation in the Whispering Dunes, located near Auktufiti's watchtower and Vulture's Landing, that is used as a farming spot for Dustwurms. The Wurm Pit and Cacti Gorge's entrance looks similar, but they are located on opposite sides of the map. The Cacti Gorge also contains an "obby" that, when completed, will give you a Sun Shard for the Sun Tablet quest.

Hermit's Cave

The Hermit's Cave houses one inhabitant, 'Salasalal Salal', who trades Crystal Beetles for rare pieces of equipment in his shop, Salasalal's Salvage.

Salasalal Salal

The Hermit's Cave has a small entrance and can be hard to see right away. A player can access the Hermit's Cave by going up from Tetthafut's Anvil and going across the BossScarab's flatlands.

At the top of the anvil there is a cannon that sends players back to around the center of the desert (the outpost). If you continue past the cannon you will encounter the Hermit's Cave.

These are the items Salasalal Salal has for sale. All the items here can only be bought with Crystal Beetles. A player can also obtain Crystal Beetles using 9 Broken Crystal Beetles here.

Item Class Price


Savage Shank Hunter 60 Crystal Beetles

(540 Broken Crystal Beetles)

One Good Hit
Savage Axe Paladin 60 Crystal Beetles

(540 Broken Crystal Beetles)

Sun-scorched Branch Mage 60 Crystal Beetles

(540 Broken Crystal Beetles)

Solar Winds
Helm of an Ancient Order Warrior 120 Crystal Beetles

(1080 Broken Crystal Beetles)

Aviators Adventurer 500 Crystal Beetles

(4500 Broken Crystal Beetles)

You Look Great
Crystal Beetle N/A 9 Broken Crystal Beetles

Sunken Palace Ruins

Sunken Palace Ruins is a sublocation in the Whispering Dunes. It contains Tal-Rey's Temple and a sun-shape disk puzzle that the player must solve to uncover the entrance to the temple.

Tal-Rey's Temple

Tal-Rey's Temple is a sublocation in the Whispering Dunes that is connected to The Lost Palace (Quest). It is the real name of The Lost Palace and is where Tal-Rey resides. It can be found by following the wall of the Whispering Dunes until you see sun-shaped disks, where the Sunken Palace Ruins are.

Tethaffut’s Anvil

Tethaffut’s Anvil is a sublocation in the Whispering Dunes. Its shape looks like the tip of an anvil, which points toward a nearby Bandit Camp. Players can find this sublocation by walking relatively straight from the entrance until finding a Bandit Camp, then continuing in the direction towards the anvil.

In order to traverse to the top, players must begin by going underneath into a canyon system housing Bandits and Bandit Skirmishers, then taking smaller paths that lead up to the platform where the BossScarab spawns. In the back of the anvil is a hole, which players must access to reach the top. This is one of the locations where players can find a missing page for the Lost Journal.

Cacti Gorge

The Cacti Gorge can be found to the left of the entrance with a crevice in the walls of the dunes. The Cacti Gorge consists of many tall cacti and rocky structures that provide a path to parkour on. Reaching the end gives the player a Sun Shard, used for the Sun Shard Quest. It can prove to be quite tedious to some players as falling into the holes would cause trouble with navigation.


The Outpost is the major town inside the center of the Whispering Dunes. Many buildings and tents are built surrounding a large oasis, restoring Hydration. A merchant can be found in one of the buildings, however, only “archaeologists are allowed in there”, referring to the fact that the players must complete The Lost Palace (Quest). The Sun Shard quest giver can be found here, who manages the Sun Tablet. A weekly leaderboard titled "Defender of the Dunes" tracks the Guilds with the most Bandit kills for Bandit Camps.

Bandit Camps

Bandit camps are various locations around the Whispering Dunes, one of which contains a piece of the sun tablet. Defeating all the bandits in one will launch a chest from its main tower, inside it containing at least 95-120 silver. The bandits also give a decent amount of experience, and have several drops. As such, they are popular grinding spots for cash(and possibly experience). There is also a Bandit Hideout, which is the most popular (but most hidden) place to grind for Mushcoins as they give around 150+ silver.

Scorch Pass

The Scorch Pass is located right above Sarakis the Impaler's spawn point. It contains a trail full of protruding fossilized bones and cactus plants. The end of the trail leads to a wide hole where Sarakis the Impaler can be found.



  • Before the Whispering Dunes was released, Berezaa hosted a 'launch party' where he teleported a group of people to the place and gave them a tour.
  • The Whispering Dunes is currently the largest map in-game.
  • During the daytime, this area becomes notorious for its tendency to cause ping to skyrocket.
  • Due to the high ping associated with this area bandits often times glitch and begin to move much slower.
    • Players have often utilized the high ping while farming minibosses as a way to prevent them from ever attacking.
  • As the many minibosses drop a variety of loot, the Whispering Dunes is a popular area for players to farm.
  • It is not an uncommon occurrence for fire pits to glitch causing their fire to be completely separated from them
  • Mississippi Bones' name is a reference to Indiana Jones.
  • Sun shards are often referred to as 'cheese' by players, as they resemble a block of cheese.
  • If a player is in a guild and kills bandits within a Bandit Camp, their guild will gain points tracked by Halakalali Esrahiahim. The top 6 guilds with the most points will be displayed on the "Defender of the Dunes" leaderboard.
  • Below is a map of the whispering dunes, and all the chest locations included.
    • The name "Whispering Dunes" describes about whispering spirits in the desert, whispering spirits were mentioned on a note left by Azariah's captive in his cage at Azariah's camp and one of a local's dialogue in the outpost.
  • In a tent within a settlement full of Bandits, Deathstings, and Bandit Skirmishers, a book reads

The note about bandit new years resolution

  • "new years resolutions: find fuly glass beetul, tell my feeleens to the other bandits better, kill a sandwurm witout no help, get big, figur out how duble jump, kill everyone in village as they sleep dureen the summer solstice, floss."
  • Since Whispering Dunes is the biggest map in Vesteria, see the map below as a guide for your journey. (Credit to user bubbley552 for creation of this map, the map misses one existing place which is the Tal-Rey's tomb located near the bandit outpost that leads you to Auktufiti's tower.)


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