The Warlock is a sub-class branching from the Mage Class. The Warlock primarily uses "dark" moves that deal heavy damage and steal essentials such as mana. Any user of the Mage Class can become a Warlock by speaking to Asmyriadora of Ostrinsvike once they reach Level 30.

Asymriadora of Ostrinsvike can be found in Ellenia.


  • Dark Ritual - The user trades a fraction of their life force for mana
  • Pillage Vitality - The user launches dark projectiles at their enemy, stealing some of the enemy's life force and restoring their own.
  • Dark Pulse - The user creates a surge of darkness around them, damaging any enemies nearby.
  • Simulacrum - Once first activated, a shadow clone mimicking the position the user was in appeared. Once activated again, the clone bursts with an effect that mimics the Dark Pulse.
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