The Vesterian Encyclopedia has rules to remain better for community, and content of pages. All users must understand and follow these rules, including you. Breaking a first rule may result as a warning. Breaking multiple or same rules again will result a temporary or permanent ban by the staff.

Wiki Rules

  1. Never vandalize any page in any way.
  2. Do not spam, harass, bully, profanity, ect. or post anything inappropriate.
  3. No off-site links that leads to unsafe or malware containing site. "Free ROBUX" sites don't exist.
  4. Do not reveal any offensive language or sexual references.
  5. Do not create a page, image, or account with an inappropriate name or content.
  6. Do not advertise on comments, blogs, or discussions for user gains like subscribe at Youtube, follow at Twitter, ect. Guild advertisement is acceptable on blog posts and discussions, but not repeatedly.
  7. You can post trade comments on a page as long as it is related to that page. If you want to trade any item, go to Marketplace.

For Anonymous User

Everyone who does not have an account can edit as "A FANDOM user". "A FANDOM user" have their Internet Protocol (IP) address shown publicly. They use the same name and the only difference between them is their IP address. If you contribute our wiki without an account, you have to still follow the rules. Misusing it will receive a temporary or permanent ban by the staff.

If someone is breaking the rule, please report them by messaging one of the staff on their message wall. (Find a glowing username.)

Thank you for understanding and following the rules. If you edit pages, please know the Editing Guidelines.

Last edited on 10/8/2019 by Marsium

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