Welcome to The Vesterian Encyclopedia. This is a page that lists what should be done when editing pages on this wiki. To be a good editor, it's recommended that you follow these editing guidelines.

Wiki guidelines

  • Always make the page's name bold - Just like any other wiki, bold the name of the article at the beginning of the overview. Only bold it the first time that the article's name is written.
  • Do not overload the page with links - Any given page should only be linked to once. You can link again if there is another separate heading or a table.
  • Please write grammatical, correctly punctuated full sentences - It is important to have an understandable page. If needed, ask for help from someone else who has more sophisticated English when writing a topic in order to achieve a higher-quality edit which is more understandable.
  • Format the infobox - Separate the rows with a new line in order. This is helpful to navigate through the infobox while on source edit mode.
  • Format mob drops in their order of rarity - When formatting or editing a mob's infobox, make sure to add all known drops from most common at the top to rarest at the bottom. The rarities may approximated.
  • Format Block Quotes - If writing in an item or location's Block Quote (in-game description), make sure to " " and italic what's written. Also make sure to write EXACTLY what the item's description is; punctuation, capitalisation, errors and all. It must be identical.
  • Writing from Perspective: Please try not to write from a first-person point of view (using I, we, etc.) or use language that is heavily opinionated. Wiki pages aren't blog posts-- to write a first-person and/or opinionated blog post either head to the Wiki Forums, the Official Vesteria Forums, or the #rant channel in the Vesteria Discord. Remember to follow the rules on the platform where the post is written.
  • Formatting Prices - If adding table sorting functions for prices use this:
    • | data-sort-value="x" | y {{Bronze/SilverCoin}}
    • Where x is the bronze coin value of said item (quotations included). If y (the item) is 100 bronze coins, x = 100. If y (the item) is 10 silver coins, x = 10000. This allows numbers to sort correctly as well as easy addition of new items to tables.

If you see anyone who did a bad edit, fix it please. If the page is vandalized or has false information, please remove anything unnecessary and report it to an admin.

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