On Berezaa's Twitter accounts, Twitch Streams, the Vesteria Discord and on the Vesteria Forums, he maps out his plans for Vesteria, including upcoming content.

In Development Edit

Features currently in active development.

Upcoming LocationsEdit

  • The Badlands: The Badlands is to be a very hostile location or conglomerate of locations. Berezaa has confirmed that the Badlands will take up a large part of Vesteria. He has also said that it will contain traps, violent enemies, and harsh gameplay changes.
    • Berezaa has planned the Satchel for the Badlands, a smaller inventory which you can only bring in to the Badlands. If you die, everything in your Satchel drops for everyone else in the server to collect.
    • Like the interior of the Colosseum, universal PvP is enabled, however it is for every part of the map.
  • The Whispering Dunes: The first map in Vesteria to take place in a sandy desert. It will be for players at Level 30 and above, and the level cap will increase when this location is released to the public.
  • Bandit Fort: ???
  • An unnamed tiki island covered with snow is slated to arrive. It will contain a tiki boss.

Upcoming Items Edit

  • Experience Essence: The holder slams a potion onto the ground and causes an explosion. Anyone caught in the explosion will receive a slight EXP boost for 1 hour. Effects do not stack if another Experience Essence is used the 1 hour duration will reset.
  • The Stinger: A rubee-inspired weapon for the Warrior faction. The current description hints that the weapon may be obtainable from a quest at Warrior Stronghold.
    • Requires Level 21
    • Base Weapon Attack: +65
    • Random Critical Hit Chance: +10%
  • These items were added to the game (as known from the Testing Server) but their stats are currently unknown:
    • Tree Branch Staff
    • Leather Tunic
  • Water bottles for The Whispering Dunes.
  • Tier 2 weapons bought in Colosseum, including Sun Staff

Books Edit

Books are a mechanic currently in development as shared by berezaa. They were first hinted on the 24th of January (Vesterian Encyclopedia) and fully confirmed on the 7th of March. Books will hold different contents, such as stories, legends, facts, and much more. A lore contest was hosted on the Vesteria Forums, where user-submitted lore would be added into the game.

Abilities Edit

  • Abilities now requires a certain amount of points on another ability to unlock.
  • Adventurer
    • New Abilities:
      • N/A
    • To Be Removed/Replaced:
      • N/A
  • Hunter Hunter
    • New Abilities:
      • N/A
    • To Be Removed/Replaced:
      • N/A
  • Mage Mage
    • New Abilities:
      • N/A
    • To Be Removed/Replaced:
      • N/A
  • Warrior-2 Warrior
    • New Abilities:
      • N/A
    • To Be Removed/Replaced:
      • N/A

Subclasses Edit

At Level 30, players in a faction can choose the next path for their avatar to go. Also, once subclasses come out, for every slot that the player has maxed they'll receive another slot. This has been confirmed by some testers, but it might change.

  • Hunter Hunter
    • Assassin - Primarily single target focused high burst damage. Can turn invisible to get to target unseen and retreat when things get tough.
    • Ranger - Uses ranged basic attack (bow and arrow), and has spells to enhance basic attack. Sustained damage.
    • Trickster - Uses intellect to kill things (rush desc, update this later)
  • Warrior-2 Warrior
    • Paladin - Magical attacks and healing, with a second hand slot dedicated to an even larger melee weapon of sorts. Scales off of INT.
    • Beserker - Sheer damage, able to dual wield swords.
    • Knight - Tank, will have a second hand slot dedicated to a shield.
  • Mage Mage
    • Warlock - Dark style magic. Heavy focus on inflicting status effects on enemies and fighting up close to the action.
    • Sorcerer - Elemental style magic. Glass cannon class that puts everything into big splashy attacks
    • Cleric - Holy/Light style magic. Focus on healing and reviving nearby players. Despite being more of a support role, still does plenty of damage.

Equipment Edit

  • All(?) equipments now have their stats based on their level requirement (i.e. Steel Sword and Lunar Staff now have the same base damage since they both require level 28).
  • Rare items (i.e found in chest, dropped from bosses or bought from dungeon shop) will have a unique perk.

Drawing Board Edit

These features have been proposed, but not yet in active development.

Upcoming Scrolls Edit

  • Calamity Scrolls were unceremoniously announced on February 17 2019 in the Vesteria game by Berezaa. This scroll is a bit of a wild card: not only does it increase a weapon's base attack when it is successfully applied onto an item, but it will also apply a trait that either adds or subtracts stat points from the player. These scrolls will also be able to change your values of speed, jump, MP a,nd HP.

Cross-Server CommunicationEdit

This feature will include

  • (N) Guild chats.
  • (N) Teleportation to friends and guild members across servers (friends or guild members will appear on a large map consisting of all smaller maps in the game and players can choose to teleport to them at a moment's notice).

Premium Items Edit

  • Name Carver: Permanently inscribes your name onto an item. Not even a Reset Scroll can remove the inscription.
  • Loot Essence: Similar to the Experience Essence, but anyone caught in its explosion will experience a loot drop increase.


A feature centering around apartments is set to be developed. Apartments can be found in the Faction bases and Nilgarf. Players can invite others to their apartments or start their own apartment. Furniture is also set to be added for people to decorate their living space.

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