Comicsans The Yeti is a boss in Vesteria that spawns in Redwood Pass every hour, in a cave which can be found if you divert off the snowy trail at an opening in the cliff. Shattered trees mark the area.

It exclusively drops the Yeti Boots and Icicle, but also Potions and Armor Defense Scrolls (Regular, Cursed and Great), Ancient STR scrolls, Headgear Def scrolls and Weapon Attack (100%) scrolls.

Aside from Quests and the Shell quest in Scallop Shores, the Yeti is currently the only way to farm Great Scrolls of Armor DEF (70%).


The Yeti's attacks are all pretty simple: they target anyone standing close enough to come into direct contact with them.

  • Ground Pound: The Yeti strikes the ground in front of it, doing medium damage and knocking everyone back in a circular AoE pattern. This is it's most common attack.
  • Antler Strike: Impales any adventurer unlucky enough to be in front of it. Does extreme damage and sends the victim flying.


  • Since The Yeti can only attack anyone nearby, bow-wielding Hunters and Mages may seek cover and deal damage from afar, while Warriors distract it and dish out some heavy damage.
  • Use buffing items (Hog Meat, potions, etc) to deal the most damage and keep your distance if possible. If the situation gets dire, use consumables to survive and avoid spawning all the way at the bottom of the mountain.
  • If fighting the Yeti at a high level (26+), it's recommended that you try to join empty servers with less players, maximising your damage output and therefore loot drops. In the best circumstances, this could grant you as many as FIVE item drops from 1 Yeti.

*Yeti drops are primarily just RNG, so don't expect good drops just because you did lots of damage


  • The Yeti is the 2nd boss to be added to Vesteria.
  • It is currently the only boss that has 2 server-wide notifications when it spawns (In the form of a roar and a written notification in the chat). Unlike the Spider Queen, its health bar only appears when you're in close proximity to it.
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