(This NPC has been removed from the game)

The Stranger was an NPC merchant who resided in Nilgarf. He sold premium, expensive customisation items, all of which cost at least 1 GoldCoin (1,000,000 Mushcoins). He was removed as the Vesteria Team introduced the premium currency Ethyr, which replaced the expensive Mushcoin fees that were required to buy premium items from The Stranger.

Berezaa has confirmed on the forum on the 26th of August, that The Stranger will return as a traveling merchant that sells scrolls. His shop will include the rare Holy Scrolls and Reset Scrolls.


The Stranger possed somewhat of a supernatural appearance, with his dark skin and luminous white eyes. His clothes seemed to be of a different style to every other character in Vesteria. An eerie, almost haunting sound played whenever you interacted with him, and his right arm sparkled with a white, glowing effect. The mysterious nature of this character could be linked to Xero, who is yet another strange and mysterious NPC.

Item name Cost
Ink & Quill 1 GoldCoin
Name Tag 2 GoldCoin
Color Dye 4 GoldCoin

The exact location of the stranger was near the gate to the clearing (from the right when entering), where there is a several-story house which you can enter through an open door.

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