The Ratking is an NPC found in the Nilgarf Sewers. He provides a 5 part quest which when completed awards the player with the Ratking Bucket. After rewarding the player with the Ratking Bucket the Ratking reveals himself to be called Carl.  

Quest: The Ratking

  • Part 1: Kill 10 Rattys : The player has to kill 10 Ratty enemies that spawn in the room in front of the Beggar. Rewards 300 Bronze Mushcoins
  • Part 2: Collect 27 Ratty Tail>s : The player will kill enough Ratty enemies to get 27 Ratty Tails. Rewards 600 Bronze Mushcoins
  • Part 3: Collect 3 Ratty Heads : The player has to kill many Ratty enemies to get 3 Ratty Heads. Ratty Heads are very rare drops from Rattys. Rewards 1 Silver Mushcoin
  • Part 4: Collect 84 Ratty Tails : Similar to Part 2 of the quest. Kill enough Ratty enemies and come back with 84 Ratty Tails. Rewards 2 Silver Mushcoins
  • Part 5: Collect 22 Ratty Heads : Similar to Part 3 of the quest. Kill a lot of Ratty enemies and come back with 22 Ratty Heads. The Ratty Head is a very rare drop and could take hours to complete. Rewards 4 Silver Mushcoins and Ratking Bucket


  • The Ratking no longer has his helmet on his head after the quest is completed.
  • One of The Ratking's quotes is "NO U" which is a reference to the No U meme.
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