The Pit is a dangerous, ancient, and forgotten place, with nasty Mobs that have mutated due to acidic fumes emitting from mountains of trash and waste. The entrance can be found in the depths of the Nilgarf Sewers. The Pit is guarded by an NPC known as The Pit Dweller, who will punt anyone under Level 35 out of the Sewers.

Every top of the hour, a Boss known as Boss Possum the Devourer spawns. The arena for Possum the Devourer is a metal grid on top of a lake of acid. This makes fighting Possum the Devourer extremely dangerous and much more difficult because not only do you have to deal with Possum the Devourer's attacks, you must also watch out for the corrosive acid below. Besides the acid, simply standing underneath the metal grid makes you prone to receiving damage from toxic fumes, which deal a bit less damage than the corrosive acid. Initially, the acid and fumes deal damage at a slow rate. However, when Possum the Devourer spawns, the acids and fumes begin dealing rapid tick damage, proving to be lethal to players.


Currently, there are 6 known Chests in The Pit.

Chest 1: The 1st chest is located on the same floor of the Nilgarf Sewers portal and can be found by walking around, but not dropping into the hole in the middle.

Chest 2: The 2nd chest is located in the Slime pit. Walk along the walls until you find a room containing a small, carved out space with a visible chest inside. The entrance appears to be blocked off by wooden grid posts, however you can enter by going from the side.

Chest 3: The 3rd chest is found by crossing the acid lake containing Reanimated Slimes to the other side with another corridor and a locked up door.

Chest 4: The 4th chest is located on top of an acid lake that doesn't contain Reanimated Slimes. Upon entering the narrow entrance into the sloped path, the left will take you to the Reanimated Slime's lake while the right will house the lake containing this chest. The player must parkour by using protruding bricks, ledges or pillars, and holes connecting from walls in order to reach the chest.

Chest 5: The 5th chest is located in the upper area of The Pit (see Golden Chest for accessing this area). Instead of crossing the metal grid, head towards the right from the perspective of facing the metal grid.

Golden Chest: The Golden Chest is located in the upper area of The Pit and rewards the Spelunker's Headgear. To access this location, first head to the enclosed pool of acid with an abundance of Reanimated Slimes. A wooden plank will be located in the middle ascending to a small narrow tunnel sticking out of the roof. Once you traverse through this small tunnel passage, you will be met with several Pit Ratties. From there, walk over the metal grid (resembles the Possum arena) with the pool of water below it. Continue forward until you locate the Golden Chest.


  • The Pit shares the same OST with the Nilgarf Sewers, most likely because they're directly connected and contain the same map-theme.
  • Currently, a large area of The Pit is inaccessible. In another part of this map, behind a locked metal door, there are large lakes of acid and a broken castle-like structure, reminiscent of a port. The plans for this area are currently unknown.
  • In The Pit, it is always night meaning mobs will be 1 level higher and the perk of Terul's Talon will be active all the time.
  • There is a Pit Dweller at the entrance of the pit who will kill you if you are under Lv.35.
    • Note: Even if you manage to get past Pit Dweller under Lv.35 (either due to reviving, movement abilities, or glitching) and tried to use the Pit teleporter, the game will try to send you back to Nilgarf Sewers.

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