The Orb has been removed from Vesteria until further notice.
The Orb was a magical crystal ball in the world of Vesteria. The Orb was originally positioned in Nilgarf before being moved to the Tree of Life in beta-1.4: A New Adventure.


The Orb upgrades equipment with a full success rate and grants more powerful upgrades than a 100% scroll, but a less powerful upgrade than a 70% great scroll. For example, the Webbed Staff gets an increase of +3 attack points if a Scroll for Weapon Attack (100%) is used, +4 attack points if The Orb is used, and +5 attack points if the Great Scroll for Weapon Attack (70%) is used. This is useful for people who want to give semi-decent attack/defense upgrades to their equipment, but don't want to risk losing an upgrade slot (or their weapon). However, it may cost much more than a 100% scroll or even the 70% great scroll.

Depending on the level requirement and merchant cost of the equipment you are upgrading, it can be more or less expensive. For example, a level 5 Rake can cost 600 Bronze Mushcoins (BronzeCoin) to upgrade and a level 18 Lapis Staff can cost 10 Silver Mushcoins (SilverCoin) to upgrade. This can be useful to newer players who want to upgrade their low-level equipment without paying as much for scrolls.

Using all 7 upgrade attempts on The Orb will bless the equipment. This will either increase a bonus stat on specific weapons (for example, a blessed Icicle grants an extra 5% Critical Hit Chance) or add no bonus stat addition at all, as is the case with the vast majority of shop equipment. Blessing an item with The Orb also adds a special line of navy-blue text in the item's infobox, stating that the item was "Blessed by The Orb".

Formula for Enchanting Cost

c = merchant value

S = total cost

S = 0.5c + c + 2c + 4c + 6c + 8c + 10c

For example, the merchant value of a Mushroom Hat is 1 Silver. The equation would be:
S = 0.5(1) + 1 + 2(1) + 4(1) + 6(1) + 8(1) + 10(1)
S = 0.5 + 1 + 2 + 4 + 6 + 8 + 10
S = 31.5
This would result in the Mushroom Hat costing 31.5 Silver to fully max out and bless with Orb.
Note that this formula does NOT apply for Sticks.

Credits to Metapoly.

The total cost should be 63 times the price for the first upgrade. A club costs the following for each upgrade, in mushcoin: 50, 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000. The same numbers show for upgrading a stick but in silver instead of mushcoin. (Mowsers)

Free to Play

The Orb is currently used in Free to Play to test a new ability rework.

The Ability Rework allows players to learn an ability depending on their class by using the new Skills tab in Inventory using AP. It's obtainable from leveling up.

Abilities learned can be upgraded or changed using The Orb. Upgrading abilities also costs AP.

Ability Upgrades:


Rock Throw > Magic Missile or Leech Seed

Regeneration > Dark Ritual or Haste


Mana Bomb > Multi Bomb or Sonic Bomb





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