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"A blade torn from the vilest, most dangerous vermin ever seen."


The Incisor is a Blue Tier Hunters Hunter-exclusive Dagger that can be obtained as a 0.0651% Drop from Pit Ratties.

The Incisor has a weapon attack of +162 points, the highest weapon attack on a dagger in Vesteria. It also has a bonus +10% Critical Chance, and can only be wielded by players at Level 49.


Efficient ways to get the Incisor:


"Boosts critical damage by 30%."

The Perk of The Incisor is Overbite. All critical hits landed while having the weapon equipped will deal 30% more damage. Overbite does not work while The Incisor is in the player's Offhand.


  • The Incisor is the second Dagger to boost Critical Chance in Vesteria, with the first being the much less expensive and much more obtainable, with this item being the Icicle.
  • An incisor in real life is a type of tooth.
  • The Incisor is heavily favored by Assassins Assassins due to its Critical Chance buff and high weapon attack (But is also used often by other subclasses) paired with its perk. This also synergizes well with the base 10% Critical Chance of the Sand-ravaged Bow.