The Gauntlet is an area released as of January, 24 of 2020 (Thursday) in the Whispering Dunes expansion.


The Gauntlet is a massive Bandit controlled bridge that links from Scallop Shores to The Whispering Dunes.

In order for Players to enter The Whispering Dunes, the Players will have to break a gate that has a fair amount of health, located at the end of the the bridge while having to defend themselves against dozens of hostile enemies; Bandits, Bandit-Trained Battle Scorpions and Bandit Skirmishers. It is highly recommended to be at least level 40 or higher before attempting the Gauntlet.

After breaking the gate, the Gauntlet will become (for those who have beaten it) occupied by Hunters. After this, the Gauntlet is free to pass through, with a passage leading to the Whispering Dunes.

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