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The Clearing has now been phased out from Vesteria. It is not accessible unless a player uses Taximan Dave.

The Clearing is, hinted by its name, a grassy terrain with cleared out vegetation and trees. It connects many different Locations.


The Clearing is divided into two sections: a lush territory with a dirt path, and a bordering gate that leads towards a bridge into Nilgarf.

The Clearing has a few enemies such as the Baby Shroom but is mainly inhabited by Hogs.

The bordering gate entrance is guarded by Brutus, The City Guard. He will immediately kill any players under Level 7 who try to walk through the entrance.


The Clearing can only be accessed via Cursed Runes or Taximan Dave. Note: Taximan Dave will only take you there if you have previously been to The Clearing.


There are currently 5 Wooden Chests in The Clearing:

Wooden Chest 1: The first chest is located under the main bridge to Nilgarf, underwater.

Wooden Chest 2: The second chest is in the middle of the forest to the right, near the river by the bridge.

Wooden Chest 3: The third chest is on the main bridge crossing to Nilgarf, just on the left.

*Wooden Chest 3 shares its contents with a chest in Mushtown. You can only open one of the 2 chests every 24 hours. This is a bug.

Wooden Chest 4: Follow the trail that leads to the beach, at the end of the trail you will find the chest.

Wooden Chest 5: The final chest is right next to Horseface.


  • A modified version of The Clearing was used in the now-closed Vesteria Demo. Unlike in the full game, The Clearing in the demo featured additional chests, music from before Alpha 1.3.4, a treehouse, a shop, additional bouncy mushrooms, cannons, Barber Streisand, the Faction Building, Elder Shrooms, Goblins, and an abundance of Baby Shrooms.
  • A teaser for the Nilgarf Sewers in the form of a hidden, small cave near the lake is accessible here, although it no longer has any purpose. In the cave is merely a small sewer-resembling room with some broken bars, stone and water, along with some crates and a lantern.
  • If you go to Mushroom Grotto from The Clearing, you’ll spawn in the same location as if you came from Mushroom Forest.
    • This is likely because the Mushroom Grotto's old entrance to The Clearing was changed to an entrance to Great Crossroads.
  • The Clearing has been removed from Vesteria twice:
    • First on 14 September 2019, when it was merged with Farmlands to create Great Crossroads. It was later added back on 15 January 2020.
    • Then on 8 August 2021, when elements of Mushroom Forest were incorporated into Mushtown in a map consolidation effort.
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