The Clearing was found by following the path in The Mushroom Forest, passing the broken carts. It is a place that connects the Mushroom Forest, Seaside Path, and Nilgarf.


There are currently 3 Wooden Chests in the clearing:

Wooden Chest 1: The first chest is located in the middle of the lake to the right, underwater.

Wooden Chest 2: The second chest is in the purple tent to the right of the path when coming from Mushroom Forest.

Wooden Chest 3: The final chest is on the main bridge crossing to Nilgarf, just on the right.

*Wooden Chest 3 shares its contents with a chest in Mushtown. You can only open one of the 2 chests every 24 hours. This is a bug.

Wooden Chest 4: Follow the trail that leads to Seaside Path. Just before entering the teleporter, look at the tree to your right. It's at the base of the tree.


  • A modified version of The Clearing was used in the now-closed Vesteria Demo. Unlike in the full game, The Clearing in the demo featured additional chests, pre-1.3.4 music, a treehouse, a shop, additional bouncy mushrooms, cannons, Barber Streisand, the Faction Building, Elder Shrooms, Goblins and an abundance of Baby Shrooms.
  • A teaser for the Nilgarf Sewers in the form of a hidden, small cave near the lake is accessible here, although it no longer has any purpose. In the cave is merely a small sewer-resembling room with some broken bars, stone and water, along with some crates and a lantern.
  • It is still possible to access this area through an account/save slot which logged out in said area before the change was made.
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