The Terror of the Deep, commonly referred to as a Whale, was an extremely dangerous mob in Vesteria that could be found swimming near the water level in Shiprock Bottom.

If the player swims to the same level the whale is swimming at, the whale will make a mad dash to gobble the player up unless they swim above or below it.

There are usually only one instance of this mob in each game, but a glitch can spawn another whale mob if the other hasn't been defeated in a while.

Strategy Edit

The most common strategy in killing a whale is having a dedicated ranged fighter lure it near to the Scallop Shores portal and getting it trapped in a wall, allowing melee fighters to safely combat the whale. Hunters may also use their Shadow Step skill to clip inside the whale as means to continuously and consistently land strikes.

The whale can be lured by being in the same height as it, and then it dashing after you. You then have to jump upward, Warriors can also use their Combat Roll ability. Repeat this process until the whale is directly above the spawn.

Trivia Edit

  • This mob deals the largest amount of damage in the game. The only way to survive a strike from the Terror is getting lucky with blocking.
  • This is the highest-leveled mob in the game, even exceeding the mob levels of the Spider Queen's Revenge dungeon's inhabitants.
  • This is the only mob that solely drops Mushcoins on death.
  • This mob is often farmed for silver as it often gives over 40 silver per player per death, but it is also known to give Mushcoins randomly. A player could hit it once and get ~30 silver, while another player that did 100k dmg could get nearly nothing.
  • Supersized Terrors of the Deep can spawn naturally, although it is very rare compared to other supersized enemy variants. It would take much longer to kill a supersized Terror of the Deep, with giant variants starting at a x75 health multiplier.
  • As of 7/24/2019, the Terror of the Deep has been removed from the game, as exploiters were killing it in seconds, thus getting infinite money.
  • This mob now can be found as a hunted whale in Port Fidelio, with spears everywhere on it.

NOTE: Bigger variations don't give much more silver than that, so don't waste time on it.

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