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Status Effects are effects that help or hinder a player in many ways. Status effects have a certain period of time where they are active. To see what status effects you have, a player can look right above their hotbar, where each effect is represented by an icon and the white bar shows how much longer it will be active.


Effects from Consumables


Item Event needed to obtain this effect Effects Duration
Chalices Chalice of Red Potion Consuming +1 DEX 1 minute
Horns Horn of Red Potion Consuming +1 VIT 1 minute
Silver Cup of Red Potion Silver Cup of Red Potion Consuming +1 INT 1 minute
Flagon Flagon of Red Potion Consuming +1 STR 1 minute
Muffin Muffin Consuming +50 Max HP 3 minutes
Banana Banana Consuming +6 Walkspeed, +2 Jump 2 minutes
Hogmeat Hog Meat Consuming +5 ATK 5 minutes
Intelligence Potion Intelligence Potion Consuming +4 INT 10 minutes
Strength Potion Strength Potion Consuming +4 STR 10 minutes
Dexterity Potion Dexterity Potion Consuming +4 DEX 10 minutes
Vitality Potion Vitality Potion Consuming +4 VIT 10 minutes
Spider's Essence Spider’s Essence Consuming +1 STR, +1 DEX, +1 VIT, +1 INT, -100 Max HP, +30 ATK 5 minutes
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