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Stamina is a game mechanic that directly affects your movement. The amount of stamina you have is indicated by a green bar next to your character that depletes as you use it.

As an Adventurer, you start off with 3 stamina. Jumping and sprinting for one second each cost 1 stamina, respectively. Swimming costs 0 stamina, however, it will stop your stamina from replenishing.

If you let your stamina bar fully deplete, you will suffer from exhaustion and temporarily slowed down. After the short rest, you will start to regain stamina normally again.


  • Upon joining the hunter faction, Hunters receive an increase of Stamina due to their agile nature.
  • Putting points in DEX will also increase stamina as well as sprinting speed.
  • in the Whispering Dunes, instead of suffering from regular exhaustion, you will suffer from heat exhaustion and will start to take damage until you restore it.
  • Some items, mostly footwear and headgear, can give you increased Stamina.
  • Some consumables, like Pears, can give you a temporary stamina boost.
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