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"Wear it like royalty."


The Spider Queen's Crown is an Adventurer-class Crown item dropped exclusively by the Boss Spider Queen at a 0.05% Drop rate.

It increases all Stats by +7, though it is mainly meant to be a vanity item as most subclasses don't benefit from all four stats.

Scrolls cannot be applied to it.


  • In earlier versions of Vesteria, a Blessed Spider Queen's Crown by The Orb gave +4 to all Stats.
  • In the Alpha and earlier Beta versions, you were able to rename spider queen crowns.
    • As of April 2021, you are once again able to use dyes and nametags on these
  • When this item was first introduced, it had the same inventory icon as it currently does.
    • This was later changed to a placeholder image of a Spider Queen.
    • However, as of 4/11/2021, the item's icon was changed back to the original appearance without the placeholder.