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The Boss Spider Queen is a Boss in Vesteria that resides in Spider Abyss and is the final obstacle of the Spider Queen's Revenge dungeon. She can also be fought every 12 hours in The Spider Lair.

When killed, she drops Royal Spider Egg Royal Spider Eggs that can be used to purchase equipment in the shop at the Tree of Life.


  • Royal Skewer: Jabs with her first two legs on players. This attack has high damage and knocks back anyone who gets hit very far.
  • Rallying Screech: Summons an array of vicious Spiderlings. Some of them may spawn larger than normal.
  • Venom Barrage: Sends out bombs that litter damaging venom pools on the floor upon explosion. Deals ludicrous damage and operates similarly to a Mage's venom bomb ability.
  • Chitin Exoskeleton: While in her deactivated state, the Spider Queen will temporarily stop attacking for a fixed amount of seconds. However, the Spider Queen gains resistance to all damage taken during this state.


You need at least 4 Level 20+ players in a party to get into The Spider's Lair through the Spider Queen's Revenge Dungeon.

The Spider Queen is a tough egg to crack open, although her Dungeon form is nothing compared to what she was like during testing. She has a variety of attacks at its disposal that can easily kill you. It is recommended to come into the Spider Abyss with the best equipment in hand, such as fully-upgraded armor and effect-manipulating potions, although her attacks are strong enough to bypass the mitigation of the effects.

The Rallying Screech attack summons normal and Giant Spiderlings, which with a few attacks will knock you out. Giant Spiderlings also have a ton of health (21,675 for a Giant to be exact) and thus are hard to knockdown. Don't underestimate Giant Spiderlings - they can take you out of play in no time. When they appear, it may be best to take care of them first before going back to the Spider Queen, as they can become a nuisance when in the middle of battle. Area attacks are recommended for crowd control, as within a few minutes the floor may be flooded with Spiderlings. When this happens, try to jump frequently to avoid the Spiderlings. If this is not possible, simply use a large blast attack like meteor, Flare, etc. to kill the spiderlings.

Most of the time it is best to keep your distance when fighting the Spider Queen, as she can be pretty dangerous at close-range. Long-ranged attacks like Bows and abilities are preferred. Her Royal Skewer is lethal when her enemies are at point-blank range. That's not to say she can't be a fighter from a distance, as her Venom Bombs are not to be taken lightly. Their damage may be low, but it has extreme DPS allowing it to destroy a full VIT build in seconds. Furthermore, Spiderlings can chase you down in no time. Despite her close-range attacks being lethal, this doesn’t place melee players under a disadvantage as they have an opportunity to strike her safely when she is in her deactivated state.

Using skills with AoE and Consumables to boost Stats can be beneficial, as they can dish out a ton of extra damage on the Spider Queen while increasing survivability. It's crucial to use health-regenerating consumables to avoid dying and failing the raid as a result.

Mages can use their Mana Bomb to use venom bomb (webbed staff ability) at her belly, which deals heavy damage. Being prepared for the Queen Spider's attacks at close range can help you dodge them more easily, by way of using blink.

If you go over 20 minutes, don't worry, you haven't lost just yet. There is still a small opening of overtime. During this time, Colossal Spiderlings will continuously spawn. These are hard to kill and spawn almost every 5 seconds, so if you can, try to evade or ignore them and focus on the queen. Killing the queen will finish the dungeon, and wipe the remaining spiderlings.


  • The Spider Queen was the first Boss Boss The Vesteria Team made.
  • Giant variant Spider Queens exist, although they can be summoned only by the developers.
  • Before the spawning system and later Dungeon was implemented, Berezaa had to manually spawn the Spider Queen in the Spider Abyss.
  • The Spider Queen has the largest drop pool for a mob in the entire game.
  • The Spider Queen in her lair will not spawn if there aren’t at least 2 players in the server, noted by the message "The Queen was not awakened due to not enough people disturbing her home."
    • This is likely because she is just trying to protect her lair.
  • Before the Spider Queen was moved to the dungeon Spider Queen's Revenge, she had a timed spawning schedule, happening every 12 hours, at 6 AM PDT and 6 PM PDT (9 AM & PM EST).
    • Since February 2020, the Spider Queen's bi-daily spawn has returned, now located in Spider Queen’s Lair. Her current spawn times are 10 AM & PM EST (7 AM & PM PST).
  • The Spider Queen will not use more than 1 Attack before going into her deactivated state.