Comicsans The Spider Queen is a boss in Vesteria that spawns in the Spider Lair, and is the final obstacle of the Spider Queen's Revenge dungeon.

She has a small chance to drop spider-themed weapons, which are one of the more sought-after items in the game.

Attacks Edit

  • Royal Skewer: Uses her two front legs to attack players in front of her. Does really heavy damage and knocks back anyone who got hit.
  • Rallying Screech: Summons an array of vicious Spiderlings. Some of them may come out larger than usual.
  • Venom Bomb: Tosses out bombs which litter damaging venom pools on the floor upon explosion. This is very high damage.
  • You need at least 4 players in a party to get into the Spider's Lair through the Spider Queen's Revenge Dungeon.

Strategy Edit

The Spider Queen is a tough egg to crack open, although her Dungeon form is nothing compared to what she was like during testing. She has a variety of attacks at its disposal which can ruin your day. It is recommended to come into the Spider Lair with the best equipment in hand, such as fully-upgraded armor and effect-manipulating potions, although her attacks are strong enough to bypass the mitigations of the effects.

The Rallying Screech attack summons normal and supersized Spiderlings, which with a few attacks will knock you out. Giant Spiderlings also have a ton of health and thus are hard to knock down. Don't underestimate Giant Spiderlings - they can take you out of play in no time. When they appear, it may be best to take care of them first before going back to the Spider Queen, as they can become a nuisance when in the middle of battle. The Mage Bomb, Ground Slam or even Shadow Step are recommended for crowd control, as within a few minutes the floor may be flooded with Spiderlings. When this happens, try to jump frequently to avoid the Spiderlings.

Most of the time it is best to keep your distance when fighting the Spider Queen, as she can be pretty dangerous at close-range. Long-ranged attacks like Bows and abilities are preferred. Her Royal Skewer is lethal when her enemies are at point blank range. That's not to say she can't be a fighter from a distance, as her Venom Bombs are not to be taken lightly. Furthermore, Spiderlings can chase you down in no time.

Using skills with AoE effects and consumables to boost stats can be beneficial, as they can dish out a ton of extra damage on the Spider Queen while increasing survivability. It's crucial to use health-regenerating consumables to avoid dying and failing the raid as a result.

Discord Parties Edit

There has been an unofficial Discord server created for the sole purpose of finding parties to defeat the mighty Spider Queen, which allows players to find a co-operate to defeat the Spider Queen effectively. It is recommended that players find a party to effectively dispose of the Spider Queen, as some random parties are not able to defeat the Spider Queen in the limited 15 minutes. Discord Invite:

Trivia Edit

  • The Spider Queen was the first boss The Vesteria Team made.
  • Supersized Spider Queens exist, although they can be summoned only by the developers.
  • Before the spawning system and later Dungeon was implemented, Berezaa had to manually spawn the Spider Queen in the Spider Lair.
  • The Spider Queen has the largest drop pool for a mob in the entire game.
  • Before the Spider Queen was moved to the dungeon Spider Queen's Revenge, she had a timed spawning schedule, happening at 8AM PDT and 8PM PDT every day, with 12-hour intervals.
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