"A fancy dagger strung from a deadly spider's fang."


The Spider Fang Dagger is a Blue Tier Hunters Hunter-class Dagger. It can be bought at the Tree of Life for 50 Royal Spider Egg or received as a 0.25% Drop from the Boss Spider Queen.  

It has a base weapon attack of +101, and can only be wielded by players level 25 or above.  

Caustic Wounds

The unique Perk of the Spider Fang Dagger is Caustic Wounds.

Every hit landed on an enemy applies poison to them, damaging them over time. The damage over time lasts for 3 seconds and the amount of damage per tick is around 6-7% of the user's damage; it scales with STR.


As the description states, the Spider Fang Dagger's blade is that of a deadly Spider. The spider fang is tied to a simple hilt, allowing Hunters to safely use the weapon. 


  • As of update Alpha 1.2, the Spider Fang Dagger has been removed from the regular Spider loot pool. Formerly, it had a drop rate of 1/10000 or 0.01%.
  • Like all the other Spider Abyss gear, you can get the Spider Fang Dagger from a chest; albeit the chance of this happening is rare.
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