The Spider is an Enemy that spawns in the Enchanted Forest and the Spider Abyss. It is a member of the Spiders.


Royal Spider

The Royal Spider is one of the variants of the Spider found only in the Enchanted Forest and Spider Queen's Lair


Pounce: The Spider pounces towards its target dealing damage to anyone standing within the range of where the pounce lands.


  • Before Update Alpha 1.2, Spider Fang Daggers could be dropped from Spiders at a really low probability (1 in 10,000). However, this has been removed and the Dagger is re-assigned exclusively to the Spider Queen. This has rendered the once packed Spider Caves quite empty, as farming players have since discovered more effective enemies like the Ratty or Batty to gain XP or rare items from.
  • An occasional occurrence is that the player is trapped under the spider for a split second if the spider gains a direct hit on the victim.
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