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The Spider is an Enemy that spawns within the caves of Enchanted Forest and in the Spider Abyss.


Pounce: The Spider pounces towards its target dealing damage to anyone standing within the range of where the pounce lands.



Single Target

An effect way to kill small numbers of spiders is to circle around them clockwise while attacking them with your melee.

Crowd Control

Killing groups of spiders is difficult with the tactic given above. A better way of eliminating groups of spiders is with AoE attacks. AoE stands for 'Area of Effect', meaning that those attacks have a bigger radius and can target more than 1 target at once. Some examples include Ground Slam, Execute, Mana Bomb,Thundercall etc.


Spiders spawn in clusters in the spider cave located near the gnome village in the Enchanted Forest. Going into the spider's attack range and then walking, not running, away causes them to follow you. Doing the same with more spiders will causes them to bunch up. You can do this with up to around 8-10 spiders. Then, kill them with the AoE attack tactic given above. Doing so grants you with around 10,000 to 35,000 exp per round depending on how many spiders you bunched up.


  • Before Update Alpha 1.2, the Spider Fang Dagger could be dropped from Spiders at a very low Drop rate (1 in 10,000). However, this has been removed and the Dagger is re-assigned exclusively to the Boss Spider Queen.
  • An occasional occurrence is that the player is trapped under the Spider for a split second if the Spider gains a direct hit on the victim.