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The Slime is a Level 36 Mob in Vesteria that spawns in multiple areas of The Pit.


*A common misconception is that all slimes drop the same loot. They do not. Each slime has its own unique item drops. Hobo Armor, for instance, is only dropped by Baby Slimes, despite many players claiming it is dropped by all slimes.


The Slime has two different attacks:

  • Body Slam: The Slime slams their body into the player, dealing damage.
  • Ground Bounce: The Slime repeatedly bounces themselves on the ground 3 times towards the player, dealing AOE damage, with each bounce becoming larger and more powerful. Every bounce will drain your Stamina, allowing the Slime to quickly move in on an unsuspecting player.


They are a cube of translucent, green slime with two circular black eyes in the front. Inside the slime you can see a skull, a few bones and a Scrap Sword.


  • The Slime's appearance is most likely a reference to the game Minecraft.
    • However, many slimes are portrayed as round, green cubes in other games.
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