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The Shroom is the middle-brother of the Shroom family, typically found roaming near and in the Mushroom Forest, Mushroom Grotto, A New Adventure, and Mushtropolis.

They are more powerful & give more loot than the Baby Shroom, but still are dwarfed by the Elder Shroom. The Shroom is also noticeably much less fabulous than Chad.


Head Smack: The Shroom smacks its head into the player.

Toxic Fumes: When on low health, they can release toxic fumes that linger for a short amount of time.


  • See Poisoned Shroom.
  • Super Giant Catgirl Shroom. Added for an event in June.


There are two ways to fight Shrooms. One way is to use hit-and-kite technique where you hit them and back up when they prepare to attack you. Another tip is circling around the Shroom preventing them from hitting you in the right orientation. Or you can use your abilities (if you have any) like Magic Missile or Rock Throw