Shiprock Bottom is an underwater location in Vesteria. It is one of the few maps to have a Golden Chest.


Shiprock Bottom is home to the Snel species, a group of hostile mobs that roam around this location. However, due to their slow speed and small hit range, they pose a small threat to low-level players.

An abundance of kelp and other aquatic plants are seen everywhere. Sunken ships and other collected junk reside here as well.

In one of the sunken ships that are split in half, there is a grate blocking the entrance to a chest room. In order to access the chest room, the player must enter the correct set of codes into the decoder in order for the grate to open. Each of the codes can be found by interacting with strange stones that are scattered around Shiprock Bottom.

Beneath the ocean floor, there are caves and ravines filled with Snellies, a mob that is part of the Snel species. Swimming to the bottom of the caves reveals a strange stone. Interacting it will give you one of the codes to open the grate.


  • Eye See Snels: Randy is obsessed with Snel Eyes, and wishes to add more to his collection. He requests the player to bring him 60 Snel eyes.
    • Rewards:
    • The player can visit him every 4 hours for another round at Snel Eye collecting.
  • The quest Shelly's Snel Shells, initiated in Scallop Shores, trails into Shiprock Bottom as the player is tasked to harvest shells from the Snels.


Wooden Chest 1: Nearby Randy, in another sunken ship near the middle of the map, there is a chest in front of a door.

Wooden Chest 2: Next to a large rock with pink reef arms sticking out of the rock, there is a hole with a Strange Stone with the chest deeper inside.

Wooden Chests 3 - 5: Swimming to surface level, an island is visible with a character and 3 chests. (They have changed it to 1 chest)

Wooden Chest 6: There is a chest on a rock to the right of where you spawn. (When you spawn, go to your right.)

Wooden Chests 7, 8, & Golden Chest: At one of the sunken ships, there is a grate that blocks access to the chests. A decoder is present at the site, which will give you a list of prompts. The correct sequence of the codes can be found on the Secret Stones/Tablets scattered around the map. You can guess the codes and get it right with a 1/256 chance, or actually find the tablets scattered around the map. The code is different for every user, thus rendering players unable to share the codes. Inside the Golden Chest is the Pirate Hat.

Strange Stone Locations

Strange Stone #1

Players must venture into the dangerous Snelly caves through crevices on the ocean floor. Successfully making it to the bottom reveals one of the strange stones.

Strange Stone #2

In one of the land formations with large holes, swim to the top and you’ll find the stone there.

Strange Stone #3

See Wooden Chest 2

Strange Stone #4

This Stone is in the weird land formations similar to #2. However, there is a huge shipwreck in front of it and has been rolled onto its side. Enter the top small hole in the land formation, then swim up until you come out of water. You will find the Stone there.


  • By the island on the map, there is a pineapple under the sea with a Sponge and Starfish. This is a nod to the long-running Nickelodeon cartoon TV show, SpongeBob SquarePants. The sponge represents the spongey titular character, while the Starfish resembles SpongeBob's friend Patrick.
    • It is noted that the pineapple represents SpongeBob's house in Bikini Bottom.
  • Formerly, Terror of the Deep spawned here.
  • By jumping off The Wayfarer, you can access this area.
  • It is commonly mistaken for “Shipwreck” instead of “Shiprock”.
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