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Seaside Path was a large beach zone that provides access to many other places, as well as its own mobs and chests.


Seaside Path is split into three parts: A grassy area with several trees which serves as a Hog spawn area, and palms, a beach area filled with Crabbys, and an ocean that leads to the Crabby Den. Many hills and alcoves cover the forested area, while shells and rocks are found all throughout the beach.


Seaside path is the home of Crabbys; large, red crustaceans that can quickly swarm around you. Crabbys are only found on the beach area and the shallower parts of the ocean, along with the Crabby Den.

Here are the current enemies:

Seaside Path Enemies
Serial Name Level
04 Crabby 7
Hog 7
Average Level 7

Path Branches

Seaside Path has a total of 6 portals, tying with the nearby Farmlands for the most portals for one location in the game.

Coming in from Nilgarf:

  • Making a U-Turn will cause you to return to Nilgarf.
  • Going left across a body of water leads to The Clearing.
  • Going on a hard right alongside a body of water will lead to the Nilgarf Sewers portal hidden on a cliff face.
  • Walking on the beach straight will lead to Scallop Shores.
  • Going straight directly into the ocean, there is a hole on the ocean floor that leads to the Crabby Den.
  • Leaning towards the grassy right path will lead towards a portal for the Farmlands.


  • No Good Crabbys: The Fisherman at the dock has had enough with the Crabbys and asks the player to collect 30 Crabby Claws.
  • Trade Crabby Claws: After completing "No Good Crabbys", the Fisherman will begin to allow the player to exchange 10 spare Crabby Claws for 5 Fresh Fish.


Wooden Chest 1: Near the entrance to Scallop Shores there's a wagon with a campfire on a shallow cliff. Next to this is a medium-sized mound, next to a slightly taller 'mountain', and climbing the mound will reveal a small hole with a chest inside. Crabby Den Location Guide:

Vesteria Beta - Crabby Den Location (MUST BE LEVEL 7)

Vesteria Beta - Crabby Den Location (MUST BE LEVEL 7)

Wooden Chest 2: Quick guide:

Unintentionally Accessible Wooden Chest: Swimming past the sewage pipe to Nilgarf Sewers, you must reach the end of the submerged sand. Then you must jump off and turn right to face the grass platform. Using the warrior's roll (other class transportation moves unconfirmed) repeatedly you can safely land, walking up the rock slope on your left to reach the chest.

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