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The Scarecrow is a Mob found in the patches of wheat in Great Crossroads. They have a unique attack behavior, in which they are stretched on a cross until a player approaches them. During this phase, attacks will do half damage. It responds by dropping from its cross and ferociously running at the player to attack as you have interrupted their beauty sleep. When idle and not on a cross, Scarecrows will again, take half damage. If the player runs out of their aggro range, the Scarecrow will wander around until another player approaches it.


Resistance:  Scarecrows are more resistant to player attacks when in their deactivated state on the cross or when idle.

Sickle Slash: The Scarecrow slashes at the player with its sickle.


A tip to easily defeating the Scarecrow without taking a ton of damage is to circle around it counterclockwise while melee hitting it, as the Scarecrow's hitbox is smaller at their left shoulder, while it is larger at its right shoulder. Alternatively, you can get them through walls.


  • If a Scarecrow is either chasing or wandering around, their eyes will begin to glow yellow. When they are de-aggroed or on the cross, their eyes lose the glowing effect.
  • There's a tankier variant called Bully Scarecrow that spawns during the overseer event. It's rumoured to drop Developer Gifts when killed. Bully Scarecrow is estimated to have 1 billion health (PLAYERS RUMOUR NOT CONFIRMED BY DEVS)