The Scarecrow is an enemy found in the Great Crossroads. They have a unique attack behavior, in which they are stretched on a cross until a player approaches them. During this phase, attacks will do half damage. It responds by dropping from its cross and ferociously running at the player to attack. When idle and not invincible, Scarecrows will take half damage.

Scarecrows also drop a unique weapon, Sickle, which is quite rare.


A tip to easily defeating the Scarecrow without taking a ton of damage is to circle around it counterclockwise while melee hitting it, as the Scarecrow's hitbox is smaller at their left shoulder, while it is larger at its right shoulder. Alternatively, you can get them on the other side of the fence from you and hit them when their sickle hitbox is too small to reach you.


According to Farmer Sam, an old and wise Mage passed through the Farmlands a long time ago and, to do the good people of the farms a favor, made the Scarecrows sentient to ward off threats. Unfortunately, the spell backfired and all the scarecrows do now is gobble up the hay and attack innocent visitors. This incident led Farmer Sam and other farmers to despise the Mage faction.

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