The Comicsans Scarab is a boss that can be only found in the map Whispering Dunes.


  • Bite: Gnaws at the player that it is attacking, chomps on them 4 times then spits them out.
  • Spit Bomb: Once it reaches half of its max HP, the Scarab moves into position and takes flight. A green ball of acid is lobbed from a long distance towards the player that it is attacking. Every time the Scarab fires acid, it re-positions itself by flying a short distance to a different position. As more acid is lobbed, the Scarab's flight speed increases between attacks, and eventually two, then three balls are launched from a single shot, covering more area (and possibly dealing damage multiple times).
    • It has been mentioned that this attack is able to one-shot kill the player if the attack hits, depending on the player's total vitality/health. However, this is a joke by the developers.
    • For whatever reason, Scarab does not perform this flying attack and merely stands still if the player attacking is not within their detection range.


  • Aside from the Rubee, Chad and the Batty, the Scarab is currently the only other known enemy in the game that can fly.
    • The Scarab and Chad are also the only bosses that can fly.
  • The Scarab spawns in three locations in the whispering dunes.
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