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"Mhmm I love scallops."

Scallop Shores is a beautiful tropical shoreline with lashings of palm trees, adventurous terrain, and a large range of wildlife and decoration.


In the Alpha 1.3 Update, the Rubee mob was added here as the first flying Enemy in the game, along with Chests and Cannons to make Scallop Shores a much more prominent location. In an April update, Crabbies were added to the map.

Due to the abundance of Rubees and Crabbies, many low-mid level players arrive at Scallop Shores to farm EXP, Mushcoins, and Loot. However higher level players will usually come here to access The Gauntlet/The Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied).

To access Shiprock Bottom, you must go to the wrecked ship near the Port Fidelio portal, on the other side of the map (assuming if the player came from Seaside Path). Once you reach a certain depth, you will find a hole that will lead you to it.


Foxtrot’s Lookout

Foxtrot’s Lookout is a sublocation where Scout Foxtrot (formerly Hunter Foxtrot) lives. It is a hut located on a separate island from the one where players spawned. To get there, start by moving near the beach area where Crabbies spawn. When you see the hut on the other side of the river, swim toward that direction. Talking to Scott Foxtrot is the first step to initiating the Rubee Problem quest.

Hunter Checkpoint

The Hunter Checkpoint is a sublocation in Scallop Shores. Its entrance is heavily barricaded by wooden posts. Tents are built within the checkpoint to serve as a temporary living area. The checkpoint leads to a fork, where players can take either path. Taking the left path leads to the Home of the Hunters, known as Port Fidelio. The right path leads to another sublocation called Gauntlet Ridge, where players can initiate The Gauntlet. Several parts of the Rubee Problem quest require players to talk to the leader in this hideout.

Gauntlet Ridge

The Gauntlet Ridge is a location past the Hunter Checkpoint. It is accessible by taking the right path at the fork and climbing a bridge to a small elevated area in the hill. An NPC will be standing there, guarding the entrancing to The Gauntlet. To access The Gauntlet, you must be in a party and talk to the NPC near the gate. You will then enter the Gauntlet, which has been invaded by bandits. You will then have to kill said bandits and break the gates. After this, The Gauntlet will become safe to pass through and will become occupied by the Hunters, allowing you to enter and leave The Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied) freely.

Sunken Ship

The Sunken Ship is located to the left of the pathway towards the Hunter Checkpoint. Going below the Sunken Ship will eventually lead to the portal to Shiprock Bottom.

Captain Sparkles' Ship

Captain Sparkles' Ship is owned by Captain Sparkles. The ship contains a pile of dynamite available for players to plunder, which would allow them to complete a portion of the Rubee Problem quest. Players can only access the ship from behind Captain Sparkles, otherwise they would be kicked off if spoted by him.

Scallop Viewpoint

On one of the mountains, the Scallop Shores Viewpoint sublocation is accessible, it has a few Rubees along the way and some decorative, pink flowers.


  • Rubee Problem (Level 12): The Rubees are building new hives in the vicinity, with the Hunters working to quell the threat.
    • Part 1: Scout Foxtrot who is on an island with a house built on it details that 1 Rubee Eye must be brought over to Lieutenant Venessa in a Hunter hideout as enemy intel that the Rubees are building new hives.
      • Rewards:
        • 2.2 Silver
        • 4453 EXP
    • Part 2: Venessa sends the player to retrieve some dynamite from a ship with an explosive captain. The captain would kick the player off of his ship if he spots the player climbing aboard. The dynamite is located at the back of the ship, and the player would have to jump on the ship's side platforms to avoid being spotted.
      • Rewards:
        • 1.9 Silver
        • 2671 EXP
    • Part 3: Venessa sends the player to do one last thing: blow up the Rubee hives with the dynamite. Once Part 3 is initiated, there will be markers in various areas near the hives where the players can plant the dynamite.


Chests in this map can be unlocked at level 3 minimum.

Wooden Chest 1: The first chest is located to the right of Seaside Path's entrance. Follow the leftmost path until you reach a large hill with a hole in the bottom, the chest is located in the cave at the base of the hill. This cave also has Rubee hives all over the mountain.

Wooden Chest 2: Climbing up the hill surrounding the first chest will reveal a chest at the peak.

Wooden Chest 3: Inside the walls of the Hunter Checkpoint are several green tents, located in the one closest to the wall and farthest right is a chest.

Wooden Chest 4: Turning right from Port Fidelio leads you to a cannon. Looking to the left will reveal a tunnel leading into the ground where a chest is hiding.

Wooden Chest 5: There are 3 islands off the coast, each having its own distinct mountain. On the largest of these 3 islands is Foxtrot's Lookout. the chest is located behind his small hut.

Wooden Chest 6: Underwater, beneath the ship that's anchored near the entrance from Seaside Path, is a chest hidden in the seaweed.

Wooden Chest 7: Walking along the leftmost trail entering from Seaside Path will lead you to a large arch. In the right wall of this arch is a cannon and a chest.

Wooden Chest 8: Walking further out into the sea from the first chest in the seaweed will reveal a second one hidden off the shore of the first island.

Golden Chest: This chest is only accessible after completing all parts of the Rubee Problem quest line. It is located in an alcove behind one of the detonated Rubee hives, in a cliff face. This chest rewards the Rubee Halo.


  • Captain Sparkles, the captain of the ship containing dynamite required for the New Recruit quest arc, could a nod to American YouTube personality Jordan Maron, best known by his online nickname CaptainSparklez. His name could also be referring to how his ship carries dynamite or how he has sparkly, burning leads coming from his hat, which may be a reference to the historically famous pirate Blackbeard.
  • Scallop shores was started immediately after Warrior Stronghold.
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