Comicsans Sarakis the Impaler is a Boss found in the Whispering Dunes. Sarakis can be found by dropping into a 4-way canyon cross-section between Azariah's camp and the bandit hideout.

Sarakis respawns every 10 to 15 minutes.

It is giant Deathsting, with virtually no changes. However, it drops the same amount of experience as a normal Deathsting would and it drops mostly Crystal Beetles and Broken Crystal Beetles.

Sarakis is surrounded by Deathstings; the amount of Deathstings spawning can vary depending on the number of people on the server (mob spawn rates scale off of server size) but the maximum amount of Deathstings that spawn seems to be around 6.


  • Claw Slash: Sarakis attacks with its front two claws.
  • Skewer: After using Claw Slash, Sarakis will attack with its tail. This attack seems to double the damage of its first attack.

Both of these attacks can be avoided, as Sarakis has a small blind spot; if you keep holding forward, in its face, it can't hit you with any of its attacks.


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