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Boss Rootbeard (formerly called the Stomping Sycamore) is a Boss that can be found in the Sycamore's Hollow of Mushtown. The lair can be accessed by taking a hard left prior to the portal that leads to Great Crossroads, or by following a dirt path from Scruff Residence, through the tunnel. Walk until you reach a campfire, there you will see the lair. Rootbeard spawns when 1000 mushrooms have been killed in Mushtown.

Boss Animations:

Sycamore's Hollow:


  • Heavy Gait: Each foot that lands on the ground while he is walking deals AOE damage. This may have also been counted as an 'Attack', but it was never 100% confirmed.
  • Trampling Foot: Rootbeard stomps his right foot and deals AOE damage.
  • Mossy Rock Throw: Rootbeard will begin to pick up a large stone from the ground and throw it at the Player with all his strength. Deals big DMG.
  • The Fall of the Ancient Tree: After death, Rootbeard falls to the ground with all his weight and after that there is a large AOE damage, like a Stomp. This may have been an 'Attack', but it's was never 100% confirmed.
  • Barkskin Resilience: Has a very large DMG resistance.


  • As of 08/08/2021, The merging of Mushtown and Mushroom Forest caused the Mushroom Forest map to be unused, temporarily making it not possible to fight Rootbeard without access.
    • Although, if you departed to the forest before the update, you can still visit the location by talking with Taximan Dave.
    • Player's can also use Cursed Runes until they are taken to Mushroom Forest.
    • However, as of 08/10/2021, Rootbeard was added into Mushtown along with the Sycamore's Hollow sublocation.
  • As of 08/??/2021, the messages that appear after 1000 kills have a larger delay between each message, giving players additional time to reach his lair before he spawns.
  • The current name "Rootbeard" was suggested by the former Tester Kitheos at the request of Rocky28447, the developer who created and designed Rootbeard, as he did not like the sound of "Stomping Sycamore".
  • During testing, Rocky28447 experimented with the idea of level-based damage input/output, meaning high level players would deal less damage to low level mobs, and low level mobs would deal more damage to high level players. This concept has since never came to fruition in main-game, outside of this boss.
  • Different mobs contribute a different amount of kill points to spawning Rootbeard:
    • Baby Shroom, Shroom, Elder Shroom, and Hog count as 1 kill.
    • Treemuks count as 3 kills.
  • The following sequence for how Rootbeard spawns goes:
    • When 250 enemies are killed, the message "You feel a disturbance in the forest," is displayed as a server-wide message.
    • When 500 enemies are killed, the message "Something's not right here." is displayed as a server-wide message.
    • Finally, when 1000 enemies are killed, the messages "WHO DARES AWAKEN ME?! / I'LL SNAP YOU ALL LIKE TWIGS! / I'VE GROWN 12 DIFFERENT BEARDS WAITING FOR THIS FIGHT! / YOU FOOLS SHOULD LEARN TO RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!" as four consecutive server-wide messages, summoning Rootbeard.
    • Sloth, a Vesteria Tester and Content Creator, came up with most of the above messages.
  • Rootbeard is the second boss that isn't time based (not including the Gate), with the first being Boss Mo Ko Tu Aa
    • Rootbeard and Boss Mo Ko Tu Aa are also the only bosses that use kill requirements instead.
  • Rootbeard has the lowest HP of any boss in Vesteria. Despite this, he dies slower than Chad due to his huge damage resistance.
  • Strangely, Sycamore's Hollow still uses Rootbeard's old name.
  • Rootbeard is the only boss, where upon spawning, it triggers the sound effects of a giant enemy spawning.
    • A screen message will also appear with the words "The Protector of the forest is awake! Run for your lives!"
  • Rootbeard's damage scales off of your Level.