Warning: The option to refer other players is temporarily unavailable due to a GUI glitch.
"A reward for inviting a new adventurer through the referral program."

Item Overview Edit

The Referral Envelope is a gift given to players who were referred to by a new player. When opened, it rewards the player with one high-end item listed on the infobox.

The envelope is soulbound-- meaning that it can't be traded away. Dropping the envelope will destroy it.

Referral Overview Edit

Referring allows a new player who recently purchased the game to refer to a friend who either recommended the game or helped to purchase it. Referring is a win-win situation for both parties, as the new player will receive a free 200 Ethyr3 to start their adventure with and the referred player will receive the Referral Envelope and the "Promoter" badge (if they haven't already been referred to by someone else).

Referring can only be done once by a new player on their first time visiting the main menu. To refer a player, their username must be entered in the prompt that appears. Once the new player proceeds into the main Vesteria game, they cannot backtrack to the refer screen. In addition, the player being referred to must be loaded into a save on Vesteria in order to receive their Referral Envelope.

Referrals are counted on the player's record. When inspecting the player, one can see the amount of times they have been referred to. A leaderboard will be set up in Nilgarf tracking the most referrals on record.

If this does not make sense, you can find a guide on this here!

Trivia Edit

  • On May 28, 2019, referrals were disabled in order for The Vesteria Team to wipe the data of players who abused the referral feature. Players with over 50 referrals were flagged for review and were probably nuked of their data. The data nuked was absolute, affecting all three save files. The abusers would also start without a Stick, leaving them unable to attack enemies.
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