"Fear the opponent that can tear you to pieces before you've even spotted them." - Ranger Tooltip


The Ranger is a sub-class branching from the Hunter Class. The Ranger primarily uses the bow and arrow and ranged abilities to defeat their enemies. Any user of the Hunter Class can become a Ranger by talking to Peregrine at Level 30 if they have not chosen a subclass yet.

Peregrine can be found at Port Fidelio. From the Scallop Shores portal, head northwest. Do not cross water. You should see a giant hill. To check you have the right one, behind the hill, there should be the Wayfarer pier. Scale the hill. At the top should be Peregrine.


  • Hail of Arrows - The user launches a fleet of arrows in the air, those that rain down onto their enemies.
  • Ranger's Stance - The user takes upon a stance that decreases their fire rate with the bow but increases the damage and critical chance while mana is constantly drained, and movement speed is drastically reduced. You also only shoot one arrow, but the arrow speed and range are drastically increased.
  • Ricochet - The user launches an arrow that bounces off from enemy to enemy.


  • Hunters receive a permanent 40% health decrease (instead of the 20% decrease they receive as a Hunter) after they become Rangers, forcing them to attack from a safe distance like they are supposed to.
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