These are all of the currently available Quests in the world of Vesteria

Location Quest-Giver(s) Name Objective Notes
Mushtown Scruff Scruff's Quest
  • Part 1: Gather 10 Mushroom Spores
  • Part 2: Deliver Scruff's Letter to Mayor Noah
Rewards a badge: "Helping Hand"
Mushtown & Mushroom Forest Mayor Noah, to the left of the merchant in the centre of town "Mushtown Helper"
  • Part 1: Kill 30 Shrooms
  • Part 2: Find the lost merchant, Jericho, in the Mushroom Forest
  • Part 3: Find the lost wagon wheel in Mushroom Forest (Right across the entrance to the Mushroom Grotto)
Part 3's quest giver is Jericho, not Mayor Noah.
Mushtown Innkeeper Edith standing outside an inn "Innkeeper's Son" Find Edith's son, known as the city barber in Nilgarf Requirements: Must be level 3
Mushtown Mysterious Xero standing near a cart at the edge of the forest "Treasure Hunt" Find Xero's lost treasure that can be found in chests Requirements: Must be level 3
Mushroom Forest  Greg standing just before The Clearing portal in Mushroom Forest "A Respected Guard" Gather 25 Elder Beards Requirements: Must be level 5
Farmlands Gertrude near her house, close to the Redwood Pass, The Clearing and Nilgarf Sewers teleporters,  "Baker's Assistant" Requirements: Must be Level 7
Seaside Path Fisherman on the dock near the Nilgarf and The Clearing portals "No More Crabbies!" Gather 30 Crabby Claws Requirements: Must be level 8
Seaside Path Fisherman on the dock near the Nilgarf, The Clearing portals "Trade Crabby Claws" Gather 10 Crabby Claws Unlocked after clearing "No More Crabbies!"; Can be redone an infinite amount of times.
Farmlands Mr. Figgleglasses standing in his wagon with a uniquely-colored horse "Business Trip"
  • Part 1: Gather 50 Goblin Ears from Goblins and take them to Mr. Plant in the Tree of Life
  • Part 2: Find the Magical Purple Flower near the Tree of Life for Mr. Plant's girlfriend
Requirements: Must be Level 8
Redwood Pass A person named Sid where the snow area starts. "Mountain Patrol" Kill 30 Baby Yetis Requirements:: Must be level 8, refreshes every 8 hours.
Nilgarf & Port Fidelio Richard, standing next to a green tent in Nilgarf and Davey, sitting at the Port Fidelio tavern "Whale Tale"
  • Part 1: Find the fisherman in Nilgarf. After that, travel to Port Fidelio and find Davey. Buy him a Muffin.
  • Part 2: Pickpocket the Evil Scientist to get the Evil Liar Key. Find the lair and search it, later revealing Mobeus' location.
  • Part 3 (Alternative): Give Richard Mobeus's Pocketwatch
Requirements: Must be Level 9;

The quest would still continue, regardless if you accept the next part or not.

Farmlands Farmer Sam standing in front of a barn near the Nilgarf portal "Feed Old Sally" Gather 50 Hay from Scarecrows Requirements: Must be Level 10, refreshes every 8 hours.
Nilgarf Bobby standing next to a well near the general shop "The Family Gem" Find the 'Priceless Family Heirloom' in the Nilgarf Sewers Requirements: Must be Level 12
Scallop Shores Scout Foxtrox on an island with a hut, and Lieutenant Vanessa at the Hunter outpost "Rubee Problem"
  • Part 1: Gather 1 Rubee Eye
  • Part 2: Find Captain Sparkles on a ship and steal his dynamite.
  • Part 3: Plant the dynamites on the 3 marked hives
Requirements: Must be Level 12

Finishing this quest will uncover a Golden Chest which awards the Holy Rubee Halo when opened.

Redwood Pass A warrior camp with a catapult, about 1/3 of the way up the trail "Catapult Mechanic" Collect 1 Guardian Core Requirements: Must be Level 15;

Finishing this quest will let you use the catapult, a way to get to the top of the mountain quickly.

Scallop Shores Shelly sitting on a beach mat under a beach umbrella by the shore near a shipwreck "Shelly's Snel Shells" Requirements: Must be Level 17; Finishing the quest allows you to trade Snel shells with Shelly for other items.
Nilgarf Sewers The Ratking, standing inside a small decorated cell near all 3 entrances "The Ratking" Requirements: Must be Level 20
The Colosseum Ethra, atop the entrance to the Colosseum "Daily Colosseum Kills" Slay 5 players on the arena Requirements: Must be Level 20, refreshes every 12 hours.
Shiprock Bottom Randy, wearing a fishbowl as a scuba helmet standing by the Scallop Shores portal "Eye See Snels" Gather 60 Snel Eyes from any kind of Snel Refreshes every 3 hours.

Must be level 15

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