These are all of the currently available Quests in the world of Vesteria

Location Quest-Giver(s) Name QuestRewards Objective Notes
Mushtown Scruff Scruff's Quest
  • Part 1: Gather 10 Mushroom Spores
  • Part 2: Deliver Scruff's Letter to Mayor Noah
Rewards a badge: "Helping Hand"
Mushtown & Mushroom Forest Mayor Noah, to the left of the merchant in the centre of town "Mushtown Helper"
  • Part 1: Kill 30 Shrooms
  • Part 2: Find the lost merchant, Jericho, in the Mushroom Forest
  • Part 3: Find the lost wagon wheel in Mushroom Forest (Right across the entrance to the Mushroom Grotto)
Part 3's quest giver is Jericho, not Mayor Noah.
Mushtown Mysterious Xero standing near a cart at the edge of the forest "Treasure Hunt" Find Xero's lost treasure that can be found in chests Requirements: Must be level 2
Mushtown Innkeeper Edith standing outside an inn "Innkeeper's Son" Find Edith's son, known as the city barber in Nilgarf Requirements: Must be level 3
Mushroom Forest  Greg standing just before The Clearing portal in Mushroom Forest "A Respected Guard" Gather 25 Elder Beards Requirements: Must be level 5
Great Crossroads Gertrude near her house, close to the Redwood Pass, The Clearing and Nilgarf Sewers teleporters,  "Baker's Assistant" Requirements: Must be Level 7
Enchanted Forest Mr. Figgleglasses standing in his wagon with a uniquely-colored horse "Business Trip"
  • Part 1: Gather 50 Goblin Ears from Goblins and take them to Mr. Plant in the Tree of Life
  • Part 2: Find the Magical Purple Flower near the Tree of Life for Mr. Plant's girlfriend
Requirements: Must be Level 8
Scallop Shores Fisherman on the dock "No More Crabbies!" Gather 30 Crabby Claws Requirements: Must be level 8
Scallop Shores Fisherman on the dock "Trade Crabby Claws" Gather 10 Crabby Claws Unlocked after clearing "No More Crabbies!"; Can be redone an infinite amount of times.
Nilgarf & Port Fidelio Richard, standing next to a green tent in Port Fidelio and Davey, sitting at the Port Fidelio tavern "Whale Tale"
  • Part 1: Find the fisherman in Nilgarf. After that, travel to Port Fidelio and find Davey. Buy him a Muffin.
  • Part 2: Pickpocket the Evil Scientist to get the Evil Lair Key. Find the lair and search it, later revealing Mobeus' location.
  • Part 3 (Alternative): Give Richard Mobeus's Pocketwatch
Requirements: Must be Level 9;

The quest would still continue, regardless if you accept the next part or not.

Redwood Pass A person named Sid where the snow area starts. Sid is in his igloo which is under ground with a exposed opening. It is right across/near the falling log. "Mountain Patrol" Kill 30 Baby Yetis Requirements:: Must be level 11
Scallop Shores Scout Foxtrox on an island with a hut, and Lieutenant Vanessa at the Hunter outpost "Rubee Problem"
  • Part 1: Gather 1 Rubee Eye
  • Part 2: Find Captain Sparkles on a ship and steal his dynamite.
  • Part 3: Plant the dynamites on the 3 marked hives
Requirements: Must be Level 12

Finishing this quest will uncover a Golden Chest which awards the Holy Rubee Halo when opened.

Great Crossroads Farmer Sam standing in front of a barn near the Nilgarf bridge "Feed Old Sally" 11.1 Silver

x20 Orange Potion

x20 Purple Potion

12,018 XP

Gather 50 Hay from Scarecrows Requirements: Must be Level 13, refreshes every 8 hours.
Shiprock Bottom Randy, wearing a fishbowl as a scuba helmet standing by the Scallop Shores portal "Eye See Snels" Gather 60 Snel Eyes from any kind of Snel Requirements: Must be Level 15, refreshes every 4 hours.
Redwood Pass A warrior camp with a catapult, about 1/3 of the way up the trail "Catapult Mechanic" Collect 1 Guardian Core Requirements: Must be Level 15;

Finishing this quest will let you use the catapult, a way to get to the top of the mountain quickly.

Nilgarf Bobby standing next to a well near the general shop "The Family Gem" Find the 'Priceless Family Heirloom' in the Nilgarf Sewers Requirements: Must be Level 17
Scallop Shores Shelly sitting on a beach mat under a beach umbrella by the shore near a shipwreck "Shelly's Snel Shells" Requirements: Must be Level 17; Finishing the quest allows you to trade Snel shells with Shelly for other items.
Nilgarf Sewers The Ratking, standing inside a small decorated cell near all 3 entrances "The Ratking" Requirements: Must be Level 20
The Colosseum Ethra, atop the entrance to the Colosseum "Daily Colosseum Kills" Slay 5 players on the arena Requirements: Must be Level 20, refreshes every 12 hours.
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