Boss Possum the Devourer is a terrifying Level 50 Boss found in The Pit every hour (XX:00) when players are at its arena. This is arguably one of the most difficult and vile Bosses in the game, due to its variety of attacks, its high level which gives it an immense amount of defense and damage, and it being mutated by the toxic gas from the acid.

In addition, the arena where it is fought contains lethal hazards that are easy to fall into. A single mistake will likely lead to your death due to the acid's massive damage combined with the acidic fumes.


It has the appearance of a feral Possum of immense size.


  • Chomp: Possum the Devourer will bite with its entire set of teeth, dealing a large portion of damage.
  • Gnash: Possum the Devourer will gnash the player 20 times while holding the player in its mouth, dealing damage 1/10 the strength of each Chomp.
  • Repulsion: Possum the Devourer will push the player away and jump back very sharply in an attempt to push the player in the corrosive acid. This attack usually occurs when the player tries to attack Possum the Devourer from the different angles.
  • Hyperopia: Sometimes Possum the Devourer will target the farthest player and starts charging (running) at them to kill or knock them off. This will make the battle with Possum the Devourer harder for Hunters Hunters, as they need to move as they wield their bows.
  • Vile Presence: While Possum the Devourer is alive, the acid below it will deal damage more rapidly, which makes movement in battle a precise activity with little room for error.


For an in depth guide on how the boss should be fought, see Guide:Possum the Devourer Strategies.


  • A possum in real life is a marsupial that is found in Australia and Southeast Asia.
    • Possums in the United States are a completely different species of marsupial known as opossums; it's known for playing dead as a defense and have the most incisors of any mammal with a whopping 18.
  • Possum the Devourer is often shortened to "Possum."
  • Possum the Devourer has the highest base-level of any Mob in the game.
  • Possum the Devourer's Gnash is similar to the Scarab's Chomp, while Repulsion is similar to the Hog's charge.
  • The GUI bar displaying the Possum the Devourer's health contains an image of the Spider Queen.
    • This is likely used as a placeholder icon.
  • Occasionally, a bug occurs where Possum the Devourer despawns mid-fight.
    • This is due to Possum the Devourer's AI causing it to delete itself if it encounters an error.
    • One proposed explanation for this phenomenon is that it is caused by reviving a player mid-fight, or it targeting a deceased player nearby.
  • When Possum the Devourer spawns, the server message reads "A horrifying monstrosity is lurking in the depths..."
    • Likewise, when Possum the Devourer doesn't spawn, the server message reads "The Devourer wasn't tempted by the flesh of Vesterians. (3)".
  • Hyperopia is the condition most commonly known as far-sightedness, a form of astigmatism where far objects can be seen clearly but close objects are more blurry.
  • Possum the Devourer despawns when you jump into the acid while it is charging at you and die from acid.
    • This is due to Possum the Devourer's AI causing it to delete itself if it encounters an error.
  • During the release of the new Pit update, the loot dropped from Possum the Devourer would despawn too quickly.
    • The despawn time was later prolonged to allow players to collect their loot when the acid is no longer corrosive.
  • Its time-based spawn mechanics are similar to other bosses, like Boss Chad. Players need to make sure they arrive at the right time in order to kill the boss.
  • This boss is commonly complained about due to its low drop rate.
  • Possum the Devourer has an actual level of 49 but due to The Pit removing the day/night cycle and replacing it with night, the level will always be 50.
  • There is a chance of about 16% that you will get a drop from Possum the Devourer due to how boss/mini-boss loot dropping works, assuming you deal enough damage to have Possum the Devourer drop 20 coins.
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