Comicsans Possum the Devourer is an Upcoming terrifying Level 50 Boss found in The Pit. In the future, this will be one of the most difficult Bosses in the game.


It has the appearance of a monstrous Possum of a very large size.


  • Chomp: Possum the Devourer will bite with its entire set of teeth, dealing damage.
  • Gnash: Possum the Devourer will gnash the player 20 times while holding the player in its mouth, dealing damage that is 1/10 the strength of each Chomp.
  • Repulsion: Possum the Devourer will push the player away and jump back very sharply in an attempt to push the player in the corrosive acid.

The rest of his attacks are unknown if there are any more.


  • Even though Possum the Devourer is currently not in the game, it can still be found in the Bounty Book.
  • A possum in real life is a marsupial that lives in North and Central America, it's known for playing dead as a defense.
  • Possum the Devourer is often shortened to "Possum."
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