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Hunters Port Fidelio is a Location in the land of Vesteria and is the home of the Hunters Hunters. It contains a Hunter Weapon merchant with some hunter-exclusive items, as well as a bar with some HP restoring items below at the center of the map. At Level 10, adventurers can join the Hunter faction here.


Port Fidelio is a location where commerce thrives. It is built alongside a body of water where ships can come in to trade their goods. Many ships are present in the heart of the port.

Large aquatic creatures like whales are caught and hung up for display. White houses have been built near water and multiple bell towers rise high into the sky.

Many Cannons are positioned here to give the players a boost of speed when traveling to certain places since the map is quite large.

Players who wish to band together may establish a Guild in the Guild Hall, located in the heart of the city.

For those who seek precarious expeditions. The Wayfarer allows for transport between Port Fidelio and the Forsaken Isle. Each ticket costs 100 Silver.


Salty Dog Tavern

The Salty Dog Tavern is an outdoor patio bar located in the center of the city.

  • On the first floor of the building, it contains 2 NPCs. A bartender NPC acting as a merchant to sell unique food items and NPC Davey, who is involved in the Whale Tale quest.
  • On the second floor, which is accessible by taking the stairs to the left of the bar, lies a merchant, named Samwell, who sells Hunter gear. NPC One-Eye Chuck, who is involved in the Whale Tale quest, sits near Samwell. Lastly, Admiral Hugo, the faction leader of the Hunters, stands near a planning table, offering the Hunter class to new Adventurers.


Slaughterbay, located past the white, fancy buildings, is a tiny island consisting of large huts and boardwalks that run along the sides of the island. Three whales lie on this island. One of the dead ones, being deemed the BossTerror of the Deep; the second whale, which is currently being held up; and the alive one being named named “Mobeus”. The final portion of the Whale Tale quest requires players to visit this Sublocation.

Evil Scientist’s Lair

The Evil Scientist's Lair is a sublocation of Port Fidelio. It is located in the back corner of Port Fidelio and is only accessible using the Evil Lair Key, which is obtained through the Whale Tale quest. Taximan Dave is found beneath the lair, as well as 2 chests. See Chests section for more information.

Guild Hall

Port Fidelio is one of the 5 locations to house a Guild Hall. It is located in a wooden building near the Salty Dog Tavern.

The Ferry Dock

The Ferry Dock is located to the left from the Scallop Shore's Portal perspective. Walk down the path until you reach a boardwalk, which to the left reveals a small tunnel leading here. This is the waiting area for The Wayfarer. Below is a picture of the tunnel for navigation help.

Lookout Post

The Lookout Post is located on the top of a hill next to the Ferry Dock. A Rangers Ranger-subclass NPC under a tent awaits for any hunters wishing to become a Ranger.

Fishing Docks

The Fishing Docks is a sublocation located to the left before reaching the Salty Dog Tavern. A stair ascends to a small shop where a merchant sells Old Fishing Rods. Beneath the shop lies a bunch of anchored ships and boardwalks that extend towards the water. The Sea Mage NPC also resides here offering gear to players who have obtained the ingredients to craft it.

Guild Registration Building

Located within the white building section of Port Fidelio, the Guild Registration Building is a building that allows players to create a guild at the cost of 1 Gold. A safe will be available for donating funds to the guild.

Map of Port Fidelio


  • Whale Tale (Level 9): This quest is given by Richard in Great Crossroads right behind the left house of Great Crossroads Inn.
    • Part 1: Richard has tasked you with talking to inhabitants in Port Fidelio to obtain some information on Mobeus.
      • After receiving Richard's quest, head to the Salty Dog Tavern, or the shop that sells unique food-item consumables.
      • Besides the tavern, an NPC named Davey wants a muffin (which can be bought at the shop beside him), and in exchange, he will give you information on Mobeus's whereabouts.
      • After giving him the muffin, he confesses that he lied about knowing info about Mobeus, but refers you to another NPC named One-Eye Chuck. Head upstairs where he should be sitting beside the Hunter Equipment shop. Talk to him to complete the 1st part of the Whale Tale quest.
      • One-Eye Chuck says that Mobeus was seen last with the Evil Scientist, and you should go talk to him if you want more information.
      • Rewards
    • Part 2: One-Eye Chuck states that Mobeus was seen last with the Evil Scientist and refers the player to him.
      • Pickpocket the Evil Scientist from behind him, which gives you the "Evil Scientist's Lair Key". Failing to pickpocket, or doing so in front of the Evil Scientist, causes him to teleport you to another area.
      • Above Taximan Dave, there is a tall tower, which contains the Evil Scientists Lair. Using jumps and abilities carefully to land on platforms and bricks that barely stick out of the tower, you will be able to reach the lair.
      • Inside the lair, read the Evil Scientist's book (scroll to the last page).
      • Afterwards, head to the Slaughterbay sublocation and talk to Mobeus, who is located in water, behind 2 other dead whales.
      • Mobeus will give you his Pocketwatch, and you can return the watch for 40 (previously 50) Zebra Fish, or sell it to a shop for 8 Silver.
      • Rewards:


Wooden Chest 1: Located behind the bar in the Salty Dog Tavern, to the right of the shopkeeper.

Wooden Chest 2: Found on the balcony of a house to the left of the colloseum path entrance.

Wooden Chest 3: Located on a small mountain to the right side of the colloseum path, below a large palm tree.

Wooden Chest 4: Located on the very top of the building next to the Salty Dog Tavern and the beach, where the Evil Scientist resides. Obtainable by using a cannon close to Mockingbird, the Trickster NPC, to get ontop of the roof of this building. To reach the very top 2 players will have to perform a bug which allows one player to jump very high and reach this chest.

Wooden Chest 5: Located on the ship with green sails. Found on the bottom deck.

Wooden Chest 6: This chest is found in the cannals around the slaughterbay. Found under the bridge which connects the Guild Hall path to Taximan Dave's location.

Wooden Chest 7: Found underwater, below the beach where the Evil Scientist resides. The chest is located in a small cave dug into the wall of the beach.

Wooden Chest 8: Located under the Evil Scientist's Lair, above Taximan Dave's location.

Wooden Chest 9: Found inside the Evil Scientist's Lair, accessible using the Evil Lair Key which is obtained through the Whale Tale quest.


  • Before Port Fidelio became accessible to the public from its teleporter in Scallop Shores, it was named Hunter Port City.
  • A special poster was made by the Discord user Jazzyx3#2831 to indicate that the Hunter weapon shop was located above the bar, and was later implemented by Berezaa.
  • You can create guilds here that can hold up to 140 members.
  • Port Fidelio is the only faction base location to house a mob.
  • The old BossTerror of the Deep now lies on one of Port Fidelio's docks hooked up near Mobeus.  He is no longer a boss and instead lies on the dock purely for cosmetic reasons.
    • It is also found in a painting in the Evil Scientist's Lair
  • Before the Whispering Dunes update, when you climbed a certain mountain range, you were able to see a desert and a town. This was a teaser to the Whispering Dunes.
  • Mobeus and Richard are a reference to the American book Moby Dick.
  • Chests have a rare chance of awarding Wayfarer Tickets.
  • The abundance of fish hung up for display in the Fishing Docks Sublocation includes all of the obtainable fish that can be obtained through Fishing Rods, excluding Fraud Gorgog Fish and Gorgog Fish.
  • Standing on a hut near the tunnel to the Ferry Dock sublocation, an NPC that resembles a Moglo resides here and can be interacted with. It is likely the non-mask version of a Moglo.
  • The merchant that sells Fishing Rods in this location is the son of Kevin Sr, a quest giver NPC in Scallop Shores.
  • The merchant that sells Hunter equipment is named “Samwell”, as referred to by Admiral Hugo.
  • This is the only Faction Base to contain NPCs that give entirely new quest-lines.


Port Fidelio was created as a port city full of pirates and fishermen. The fishermen would hang up the fish they caught, and occasionally, monstrous beasts from under the water. One day, the faction known as the Hunters took over the port. Led by Admiral Hugo, the Hunters keep watch over Port Fidelio and monitor activities that might seem suspicious. Most of the fishermen and pirates joined the Hunters later. The Hunters allow visitors, but they will keep an eye on you as long as you are in the port.

Lore - 2

In order to understand the Hunters, we have to go to the Crusade of the Dunes. This event was a mass pillaging and slaughtering of Vesterians by a Terul-aligned band of humans who had regrouped after the Human-Elemental War that had devastated the area years earlier. The denizens of the Dunes luckily had a failsafe though, and sealed off the Gauntlet, leaving some settlements in the Dunes to buy time. They then formed a militia, called the Hunters. Swearing to one day retake their homeland, they put the nearest city, Port Fidelio under military rule. Due to the hastily formed government, instability, and the entire leadership being geared for war, corruption quickly set in, with the "leader" of the Hunters, Admiral Hugo, being deposed to put up a front, a fake more stable government, when in reality the higher ranking Vesterians, who were slightly corrupted by Terul's influence during the Second Divine Incursion, constructed themselves a palace, pretending to fix the infrastructure when the rest of the city composed of mostly slums. Making the situation worse, the Asnelars, another group displaced during the same time period, also had Port Fidelio as the closest civilization, moving to there from their ocean home. However, being Vesra-aligned, they and the Ikthys immediately began vying for control over one another, being of opposite factions. This led to a faction on faction war in the government, consisting mostly of assassinations and cover-ups, and planting instability in the government. Any Hunter who gets strong enough will soon be visited by any different-aligning Hunter, making them live very short lives. Young hunters join the order in order to retake their homeland, but usually end up as a casualty in the never ending Asnelar-Ikthys war. The Asnelar have planted propoganda in the city, making the entire area more Vesra-aligned.

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