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Parties are a mechanic of Vesteria that allows up to 6 players to join and fight together. A party can be formed when the Party Leader invites other players and at least 1 player (excluding the party leader) has joined the party. Players who aren't the Leader are also capable of sending requests for others to join the party. The Party Leader is able to control whether or not the party teleports to a different location. However, party members can bypass this by using runes.

Additionally there is a common glitch where all members will leave the game and there will be 1 person in the "party" even though there is only one member, this will still allow the 10% EXP boost to continue for that one person.

Upcoming Updates

These are planned party updates for the future:

  • Bonus 5% + 2% extra EXP per party member (not including yourself) of EXP they earn as long as you are near them. What does this mean? Tl;dr, being near someone who kills a monster in your party will give you some EXP.
  • When a party leader enters a map transition, the entire party is teleported together regardless of how far away they are.
  • When a party member enters a map transition, they are prompted to abandon their party and use the teleporter by themselves.


  • If a player is already in a party, sending them a request will cause a message to display reading "Invalid player."
  • To invite players on mobile, type "/invite" or "/i" followed by the username of the player you wish to invite.
  • A player can communicate privately with only party members by typing the command "/party" or "/p".
  • If the party leader leaves the game or uses a Rune, then the party becomes bugged and is left with no party leader.
    • Party members in the party can still invite other players, but no party member will be recognized by the game as the party leader, this leads to the party members of being unable to teleport to another location.
  • if several people in the same area start using the /e dance emote (or a variation of it) it will also be a party.