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Mushtropolis is a special battleground in Vesteria. It is home to the Shroompocalypse minigame. To get there, explore the left side wall (heading towards the exit) near the Mushroom Forest's Entrance from Mushtown with a path leading up to it. Either way, you will find several NPC's standing there.

To enter, you must have a party of (at least) 4 people ranging from level 10 to level 20.

This is the only place to get GoldShroom Golden Mushrooms.

When a player dies, they will enter spectate mode. At the beginning of each new wave, they will respawn into the minigame.


  • There is no official image or description to Mushtropolis - instead, the image shown on the teleportation screen to this place shows one of the default Roblox place thumbnails.
    • This makes Mushtropolis the only location in Vesteria to feature this.
  • Mushtropolis is a portmanteau of the words "mushroom" and "metropolis".
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