Mushtown is a small town that serves as an adventurer's starting point in the world of Vesteria.


After the horse-drawn carriage got ambushed and destroyed by a handful of Baby Shrooms, Shrooms, Elder Shrooms, and Boss Chad in A New Adventure, the player ends up in Mushtown, which begins the start of the game.

The town is secluded behind a thick and enormous town wall, which looms over and protects its inhabitants. Within these walls lie tents of various colors, patches of trees, and other forms of wildlife of various sizes. Chickens also roam around the little town, with thin patches of water running through, forcing the creation of simplistic bridges of wooden planks.

At night, fireflies swarm around the player lighting up their path ahead. However, it is still very hard to see at night.


Mushroom Research Base

The Mushroom Research base is a sublocation of Mushtown. Players can access this area by following the path to Mushroom Forest, and then along the way, take a separate steeper path on the left marked by growing mushrooms. Inside, there is a merchant that uses Golden Mushrooms as its main currency. This is also where players start the Shroompocalypse minigame.

Scruff Residence

The Scruff Residence is where the Scruff family lives, with the owner of the house being Scruff himself.

Mushtown Center

The Mushtown Center is the main hotspot of Mushtown; it's what puts the "town" in "Mushtown." The entire sublocation is surrounded by thick, stone walls presumably to provide protection against outside threats. Various houses and buildings are built within the canopy of the trees and mushrooms bringing the center to life. There is also a merchant named Lela that offers equipment for starting players.

Mushtown Inn

The Mushtown Inn, owned by Innkeeper Edith, is located on the outskirts of Mushtown. Players can visit this location to initiate the Innkeeper’s Son quest by talking to Edith.

Fisherman’s Dock

The Fisherman’s Dock is a small pond located behind the Mushtown Inn. One side consists of a fishing dock that faces the pond.

Mushtown Outskirts


Beyond the gates of the town lay the outskirts of Mushtown, inhabited by various NPCs. The area is pampered with an abundance of flora and fauna. Gigantic fungi and trees encircle the player's view almost constantly. The outskirts have a hillier terrain which eventually blends into a large circle of a hill which encompasses the map, acting as its wall. The NPC Scruff and his house, as well as the beginning spawn for the game, are located on the outskirts through a small shaft.



Please note that the following quests may or may not be outdated.

  • Scruff's Quest: A villager named Scruff seeks the player's help in two dire situations.
    • Part 1: Scruff needs 2 Chicken Eggs to help his wife and asks the player to help gather them by smacking Chickens.
    • Part 2: Scruff hands the player his letter to be given to the Mushtown Mayor, Noah. The letter contains information about the invading Shrooms from Mushroom Forest.
      • Rewards:
        • 2.3 Silver
        • 134 EXP
  • Mushtown Helper: A hero shall be summoned to investigate on the overpopulation and aggression of the Shrooms.
    • Part 1 (Level 3): Mayor Noah has a problem with the Shrooms in the Mushroom Forest and requests the player to quell the threat. Only 10 Baby Shrooms and 1 Shroom are required to be vanquished.
    • Part 2 (Level 5): Mayor Noah has a growing suspicion about the Shrooms. The player must gather 20 mushroom spores and 20 red mushrooms while killing 10 Shrooms and bring them to Mayor Noah for analysis.
    • Part 3: The situation is a dire one, a prophecy predicts a buff mushroom known as BossChad will come and destroy the village, the player must destroy it in order to save the village.
  • Abigail's Apples (Level 2): Abigail's stomach is rumbling and sure can go for a healthy treat. Collect a dozen apples from nearby Apple Trees and return to her for a reward.
    • Rewards:
      • 336 EXP
  • Treasure Hunt: Xero has come to Vesteria in search of an ancient treasure of his that has been lost, some say it lies in the depths of the sea.
  • Innkeeper's Son (Level 6): Edith, who operates an inn in Mushtown, hasn't seen her son Streisand in ages since he went off to work as a successful barber and dye trader in Nilgarf. She hopes that the player can reach out to Barber Streisand and have him write her a letter back.
  • Wheel Woes (Level 4): (Note: This quest is currently not possible) Jericho needs the player to lend him a hand. His wagon was ambushed by some sort of beast, and it stole his wheel and ran off. Players must venture into Mushroom Forest and find his wheel, located on the right of the entrance in a valley with Elder Shrooms.
    • Rewards:
  • A Respected Guard (Level 6): Greg, the City Guard wants more respect for his duties as a city guard, After being nearly killed by a Shroom's poisonous spores he wants you to bring him 10 Elder Beards and he may reward you with something that you can gain respect with too!



Mushtown contains 11 chests.

Wooden Chests

  1. One can be found in the one building you can enter in Mushtown, which is the first one on the right from the gates.
  2. One can be found through jumping into the well at the Scruff Residence and continuing through the tunnels.
  3. Found in another small hole with a mushroom by the entrance, which is located in an isolated area of the outskirts to the right of the entrance to the Mushroom Forest. Short guide: You can also go there by facing the merchant inside the gates, and heading right of the NPC.
  4. In one of the Guard Towers by the Mushtown Inn.
  5. One is by the red tent in the town.
  6. Obvious Waterfall Secret.
  7. By the big mushroom behind Taximan Dave.
  8. One can be found in a house basement, which you can access by a door outside the town near Lela's Traveling Goods (the wooden caravan with a red roof).
  9. One is behind a huge rock to the right of the mushroom forest entrance, not too far.

Bluesteel Chests

  1. Just behind the Merchant's cart, there is a small tunnel underneath the wooden patio leading to a Bluesteel Chest containing a 1+ Wooden Sword.


  • Mushtown has been revamped numerous times. A December 2018 update moved the spawn point outside Mushtown, while an August 2019 update changed the layout of Mushtown entirely. In January 2020, Mushtown's layout was changed again, removing some excess space.
  • Despite being called a "Party Quest" Shroompocalypse is actually a Dungeon and not a Quest.
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