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"A unique mushroom-shaped hat found in the Mushroom Forest."


The Mushroom Hat is an Adventurer-class Hat. It can be found in a Golden Chest, inside of a treehouse in Mushroom Overgrowth in Mushroom Forest. In order to get to the treehouse, you must bounce up to it using two large mushrooms.

It has a high +5 Jump Power and +3 Defense.


Each upgrade point grants +1 Jump.

Scroll Upgrade Amount/Scroll
Basic Headgear Scroll +1 Jump
Great Headgear Scroll +2 Jump


  • Tips: Jump on the red mushroom first. Then jump onto the large orange one. Make sure to land as close to the middle (or "point") of the mushroom as possible. Zoom out all the way and sprint to the tower.
  • When upgrading it with all great headgear scrolls, the headgear will be a purple tier instead of the blue tier other hats have.
  • If you use this, Mush Armor, Scarab Tongue Boots, and max Disengage as a trickster, you will have the ability to jump across maps.

Video Guide

  • How to Get Mushroom Hat
    • Note: The Mushroom Forest teleporter is in a different location currently, however, the steps afterwards are the same.