Mushroom Forest is a large open area connected to Mushtown, Mushroom Grotto, and Great Crossroads. It serves as the player's first Enemy-heavy area.


Mushroom Forest is home to many enemies, chests, secret areas, and loot. Numerous mushrooms of various sizes and colors dot the landscape along with many trees. One large river runs through the entire forest, with a few bridges of fallen trees granting access across it.

Mushroom Grotto

Mushroom Grotto can be accessed via a secret tunnel on the left side of the map, housing dozens of Elder Shrooms. It serves as a good place to level up early in the game.


All three members of the Shroom family reside in Mushroom Forest. Baby Shrooms reside on the outer edges of the forest, Shrooms populate the inner portions/main path, while Elder Shrooms can be found on a hill to the left and in Mushroom Grotto, as well as near the small mushroom patch which is used to get the Mushroom Hat. The abundance of enemies and loot makes this a popular spot for low-level players to train and grind.


Mushroom Pit

The Mushroom Pit is located right of the spawn from coming out to Mushtown. The Mushroom Pit used to be the area for the Wheel Woes quest.

Mushroom Overgrowth

The Mushroom Overgrowth is located in the middle of the Mushroom Forest map. Lots of mushrooms are overgrown in a tight, small, and narrow pit. The Mushroom Hat can be found in a treehouse right above this sublocation, and the mushrooms can be used to propel oneself onto the treehouse.

Crumbling Tower

The crumbling tower is located along the rocky path. It is a broken tower that you can climb with a fire pit in the middle of the tower.

Mushroom Viewpoint

The Mushroom Viewpoint is a tall hill that gives you map-wide vision of Mushroom Forest.

Baby Shroom Hill

The Baby Shroom Hill is a small hill located to the left from coming out of the Mushtown portal. It is tightly populated with Baby Shrooms and lots of tiny mushrooms grown on the hill.


  • A Respected Guard: This quest starts in Mushtown, but is carried out here. A guard who is guarding the entrance to the Mushroom Forest in Mushtown wants to be respected as a city guard and requests the player to help him by gathering 10 Elder Beards from Elder Shrooms.
  • Mushtown Helper: This quest is initiated in Mushtown and trails into Mushroom Forest. Part 2 of the quest ends in Mushroom Forest and Part 3 is started here.
  • Wheel Woes: This quest is initiated in Mushtown, but is carried out here. Jericho wants you to find the location and possibly the culprit of his lost wheel.


In the Mushroom Forest, there are currently seven Wooden Chests, one Bluesteel Chest, as well as the elusive Golden Chest which houses the Mushroom Hat item.

Wooden Chests

  1. After entering from Mushtown, there's a noticeably large hill to the right with a large tree trunk sloping up it on the visible side. Going over the hill will reveal that the hidden side houses an entrance to the hill, which is hollow and filled with mushrooms. Inside resides the chest.
  2. A chest can be found on the right side of the map near the edge barrier, in a small divot underneath the end of a large fallen tree trunk that's just past the location of the first chest. The log is aimed upwards to the slope, so just walk up it to find the chest.
  3. Looking at the Mushroom Grotto entrance, there is a chest directly to its' left sitting against a tree.
  4. There is a log, laying across a river, in the center of the map. Beneath it, underwater, is the chest.
  5. A fifth wooden chest is found hiding behind the cart & horse on the right, just before entering the Great Crossroads.
  6. As soon as entering from Mushtown, look left to see a fallen tree trunk. At the far end of it is a chest.
  7. Facing the same direction as chest number 4, head left down the river. Once at the end of the river, make a right turn onto land. A chest lies by the tree.

Bluesteel & Golden Chests

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