"The main currency of Vesteria"

Mushcoins are the currency of Vesteria. There are three types of Mushcoins: bronze, silver, and gold.



Bronze Mushcoins are the least valuable coin. These coins drop when you kill a mob, although the amount depends on what level the mob is. You can use Bronze Mushcoins to buy many low-tier weapons or consumables, which are usually for beginners.


Silver Mushcoins are the second most valuable coin. It is equivalent to 1,000 Bronze Mushcoins. Silver Mushcoins are usually used for buying higher-tier items and consumables, most of which are for higher level players. Most of the weapons bought with Silver Mushcoins have class restrictions. This is the main currency used in most player trades, ranging from arrows to weapons and gear dropped by the Spider Queen. In these trades it is often referred to simply using the initial "s" (eg: Selling Sword 10s)


Gold Mushcoins are the currently most valuable known currency. It is equivalent to 1,000 Silver Mushcoins or 1,000,000 Bronze Mushcoins. They were originally used to buy items from The Stranger before the implementation of Ethyr, and are typically only used now for trading of very expensive goods, like the Spider Queen's Crown.


  • Mushcoins can also become inventory items through a glitch with Bluesteel Chests. You can drop these glitched coins and then pick them up to obtain the regular, un-glitched version of the Mushcoins


When you die you will lose 10% of your balance if you are not revived by a Cleric. You will also lose a substantial amount of EXP.

You are protected from this penalty in Cities, Dungeons, and the Colosseum.

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