Comicsans Mo Ko Tu Aa is a Boss that can be found and fought at the Forsaken Isle. Mo Ko Tu Aa is spawned when 2,000 Moglos and Moglokos total have been slain, 500 for each pillar.


When attacking, Mo Ko Tu Aa uses one of its four "Idols" to attack players surrounding it.

  • Green Idol Pulse: Pulsates sending out green pulse waves near the Pedestal on which Mo Ko Tu Aa is spawned. Avoid this by stepping down from the pedestal. (101 Damage.)
  • Blue Idol Rain: Raindrops fall above each player for a period of time. Moving around will prevent them from hitting you. (117 Damage.)
  • Red Idol Lightning: Thunder falls in lines smiting everything in its path clockwise. (176 Damage.)
  • Purple Idol Laser: A beam targeting any player that is not on the pedestal. (Targets outside of a certain range are not targeted.) You can outrun it if needed. (56 Damage.) (Will also target players mid-air attacking the purple idol.) This will be Mo Ko Tu Aa's most frequent attack the lower its health gets.

All of the attacks have a specific sound so it is super useful to remember them to know what to avoid next.


  • The following sequence for how Mo Ko Tu Aa spawns goes:
    • When the Green Idol drops onto the pedestal, the message "Something's wrong," is displayed as a server-wide message.
    • When the Blue Idol drops on top of the Green Idol, the message "You are going to regret this," is displayed as a server-wide message.
    • When the Red Idol drops on top of the Blue Idol, the message "Your presence on this island is a mistake," is displayed as a server-wide message.
    • Finally, when the Purple Idol falls on the Red Idol, the message "A sudden terror falls upon the island. Mo Ko Tu Aa is here to punish you!" as a server-wide message, summoning Mo Ko Tu Aa.
  • Caution: Mo Ko Tu Aa brings massive lag, which can disable attack and ability usages on mobile, and often crash servers.
  • The lower Mo Ko Tu Aa's Health gets, the more frequent and fast the attacks become.
  • When Mo Ko Tu Aa spawns, all idols light up in sequential order (from bottom to top) as if they were attacking.
  • All of Mo Ko Tu Aa's dropped weapons are named after either the first or the second part of its name (e.g. Moko Maul, and Tuaa Staff).
  • Another method of beating it is to shoot arrows all around the purple totem eye level since the arrows block the laser.
  • After Mo Ko Tu Aa has been defeated, his totems remain on the pedestal for a few minutes before disappearing. (this is a bug and not intended behavior)
  • If a player is on a totem and the next one spawns in, the player will get stuck inside the totem.
  • Mo Ko Tu Aa is currently the only Boss that can't move.
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