Mo Ko Tu Aa is a boss that can be found and fought at the Forsaken Isle. Mo Ko Tu Aa can be spawned when 2,000 Moglo and Moglokos have been slain, 500 for 1 pillar respectively.


When attacking, Mo Ko Tu Aa uses one of its four "Idols" to attack players surrounding it.

  • Green Idol: Pulsates sending out green pulse waves near the Pedestal on which Mo Ko Tu Aa is spawned. Avoid this by stepping down from the pedestal. (101 Damage.)
  • Blue Idol Raindrops fall above each player for a period of time. Moving around will prevent them from hitting you. (117 Damage.)
  • Red Idol: Thunder falls in lines smiting everything in its path clockwise. (176 Damage.)
  • Purple Idol: A beam targeting any player that is not on the pedestal. (Targets outside of a certain range are not targeted.) You can outrun it if needed. (56 Damage.) (Will also target players mid-air attacking the purple idol.)

All of the attacks have a specific sound so remember them to know what to avoid next.


  • When the Green Idol drops onto the pedestal, the message "Something's wrong," is displayed as a server-wide message.
  • When the Blue Idol drops on top of the Green Idol, the message "You are going to regret this," is displayed as a server wide message.
  • Similar to the previous two, when the Red Idol drops on top of the Blue Idol, the message "Your presence on this island is a mistake," is displayed as a server wide message.
  • Finally, when the Purple Idol falls on the Red Idol, the message "A sudden terror falls upon the island. Mo Ko Tu Aa is here to punish you!" as a server wide message, summoning the Mo Ko Tu Aa boss.
  • Caution: Mo Ko Tu Aa brings massive lag, which can disable attack and ability usages on mobile, and crash servers rarely in Forsaken Isle
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