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This article is a Guide Page. This means this page will walk you through a specific task such as techniques and strategies.

Note: This guide is a walkthrough for players who wish to continue their progression beyond advanced skills. It is not to be used for speedrunning on new slots and is a basic way of describing the game to master level players (level 40+). The previous guides can be found here: Beginner Guide, Intermediate Guide, Advanced Guide.

Now that you are level 40 from grinding in the Forsaken Isle, you have many different options. If your goal is to reach max level, stay in Forsaken Isle and continue grinding for XP as it is the best XP Hotspot currently in the game. If you are looking for weapons and armor, the following guide will provide detail on this step. ride the Wayfarer to return to the Port Fidelio. Afterwards, head to Scallop Shores.

At Scallop Shores, instead of taking the left path towards Port Fidelio, take the right path towards Gauntlet Ridge. You must form a party with at least one other person before you attempt this challenging mission. It is recommended you find someone who is max level and capable of carrying you through the Gauntlet without troubles, however a full party of lvl 39-42 could work. Clerics Clerics used to be vital for survival purposes. Once ready, talk to the NPC near the Gauntlet Ridge, and tell them you want to Run the Gauntlet!

The Gauntlet

Welcome to the Gauntlet! This location connects the tropical terrains of Scallop Shores with what seems to be a sandy, barren desert on the opposite side. This bridge acts as the frontier of hostile, dangerous enemies!

The Gauntlet.png

The objective is pretty simple; players must destroy the gate. However, be careful as the enemies may easily annihilate an unprepared group of players. If you are a bit low leveled and want to stay in the safe zone, don't inch forward as the Bandit Skirmishers have a ridiculous amount of range. It is recommended that you defeat all the enemies on the tower before approaching the gate as they may deter you from damaging the gate with ease. Once you reach the gate, beware that at each increment of remaining gate health, a horn will sound signifying a secondary wave. There will be 4 waves, each with mobs of increasing difficulty.



  • Found roaming on and below the main bridge
  • Extreme high damage if hit by one of its attacks. Extreme walkspeed and almost deadly to new players who engage in close combat.
  • Looks like a mob with well-equipped armor and wields a heavy scimitar.
  • Do not engage in close combat if you are underleveled as they most likely will kill you in a few shots.

Bandit Skirmisher

  • Found camping in side towers that branch off the bridge as well as an overhang above the gate.
  • High damage if hit by one of its arrows. Extreme range and may kill still players who are unaware of being in their range.
  • Looks like a mob with well-equipped ranging gear and wields a bow.
  • Do not stand still as a group of arrows can easily damage your health to 0. Best to attack them under towers and using crowd control.

Gatekeeper Yakua

  • Spawns near the gate on horn #3
  • High damage if hit by its scimitar slash.
  • Looks like a larger form of a Bandit
  • Do not engage in close combat (unless you are meant to tank) as it deals much more damage than a Bandit and travels at fast walkspeeds.

Bandit-trained Battle Stingtail

  • Spawns near the gate on horn #4
  • Relatively high damage if stung or pinched.
  • Looks like a scorpion.
  • This mob isn't as threatening due to its slow nature, however, do not underestimate its attack damage.
  • This mob sometimes will attack bandits.

Once you destroyed the gate, wait for the game to teleport you to the next location.

The Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied)

Welcome to the Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied)! This location looks almost the same as The Gauntlet, except Hunter banners are hung everywhere and there are interactive Hunter NPCs instead of bandits. As the name suggests, players have moved to a less hostile environment where the Gauntlet has been taken over by the Hunter faction.

Dunes Imports

Located in the middle of the bridge, the Dunes Imports shop provides players with buyable endgame gear. Most often, players will seek the armor offered in this shop.

Dr. Henry Bones

One of the archaeologist NPCs who reside at the end of the bridge. He will play a major role in giving you a potentially useful endgame weapon. You’ll come back to him later.

Continue heading down the bridge, and walk through the gate.

Whispering Dunes

Welcome to the Whispering Dunes! The Whispering Dunes is a massive desert-like area shrouded with dead trees and cacti. Multiple oases accompanied by palm trees are scattered around this wasteland, together with temple-like buildings in certain areas. Only a single town, the Outpost, can be found on the map. Homeland of the Bandits, the land houses many camps around the main living area. It gets its name from the spirits that whisper their final regrets at night.




You may recognize this enemy as you have encountered it several times in your adventures into The Gauntlet. These Bandits may have a slower walkspeed than the ones in the Gauntlet. Bandits tend to stationed in Bandit camps as well as near small settlements.

Bandit Skirmisher

You may recognize this enemy as you have encountered it several times in your adventures into The Gauntlet. These Bandit Skirmishers are no different than the ones in the Gauntlet. Bandit Skirmishers tend to stationed in Bandit camps as well as near small towering settlements.


  • Found roaming around the surface of the Dunes. Also found in ravines or crevices. There are also a few pits reserved for being a spawn point of Stingtails.
  • Extremely high damage for low levels, though very slow and not likely to be a threat to ranged or careful players.
  • Looks like a real-life scorpion.
  • Avoid engaging in close combat, however, if you choose to do so, try to kite its attacks.


  • A few roam around the surface of the Dunes. Some are located near the Talrey's Temples Ruins, however, the most concentrated of their population is located in the Wurm Pit.
  • Extremely high damage for low levels, though attacks through launching projectiles that can be inaccurate. Occasionally burrows beneath the ground.
  • Looks like a worm.
  • Try to dodge its projectiles and attack during intervals between each of its attacks.
  • Gives high EXP and easy to kill allowing for players to farm for EXP and late-game items.


  • There are a total of 2 Scarabs in this map. One is located in a carved out pit in the middle of the Dunes, while another is located on the platform that supports Tethaffut's Anvil.
  • Extremely dangerous for melee attackers, though attacks that launch projectiles can be inaccurate. May launch multiple projectiles when in its flying stage and when its health becomes low.
  • Looks like a Scarab, a type of dung beetle in real life.
  • Try to engage in ranged combat.


  • Spawns in 2 locations.
  • Looks like a black Stingtail
  • Gives the most EXP per kill, but low spawn rates lower potential of farming.
  • Try to avoid close encounters in corridors and if you have to get hit, get hit by the claws instead of the stinger.

BossAuktufiti the Watcher

  • Spawns on his tower.
  • Lowest Health of any Mini-boss.
  • Deals high damage per shot.
  • Gets stunned from rapid hits.
  • Has long range.

BossAzariah the Blood-crazed

  • Spawns in his camp.
  • The best Mini-boss to farm for money.
  • Deals high damage every time he slashes.

BossSarakis the Impaler

  • Spawns in its ravine.
  • Deals very high damage.
  • Has the most HP of any dunes Mini-Boss.


The Whispering Dunes is the only area so far to feature a hydration mechanic during daytime which prevents stamina recovery and ultimately damages the player when stamina is fully depleted and is exhausted. You will notice whether you are dehydrated based on the color of your stamina bar, which turns yellow when you are dehydrated. There are several ways to avoid it: Standing in oasis or bodies of water grants the Hydration effect temporarily preventing dehydration; you can also swing at cactus fruits and they’ll drop consumable Cactus Fruits that recover stamina to full. If you are an Assassin, you can completely ignore the dehydration mechanic due to your Shadow Walk skill refilling all of your stamina. (This currently does not work due to stamina being “removed.”)

Lost Palace Quest

This is an important quest for obtaining your endgame weapon. The quest is first initiated by obtaining the lost journal. The Lost Journal is located under a tent near a small oasis, which is slightly right of the spawn. After obtaining the Lost Journal, you must locate the 2 missing pages. In addition to the written guide below, there is also a dedicated visual guide.

First Page

One of the pages is located on the top of Tethaffut's Anvil. If your graphics are pretty high, you may identify a structure sticking out of the border like an anvil. Head underneath the structure and make your way to the top. If you've done everything correctly, you should see a Scarab along the way to the top. The entrance to the top of the anvil is located in a hole in the back.

Second Page

The second and final page is located in the Stingtail Ravines. In one of the ravines, you'll notice a campfire with a couple of chairs beside it. You should find the missing page here.

After having the complete journal, head back to The Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied). Remember that archaeologist NPC we were talking about? Now you should be able to receive a quest from him. Talk to him to get started on the Lost Palace quest. Once done, head back to Whispering Dunes.

Dr. Henry Bones wants you to travel to the temple to find his son, Mississippi Bones. The temple can be found by traveling slightly right of the spawn. If you are at the correct location, you should see some structures sticking out of the sand with sun-icon panels reflecting light. (Note: The following step may possibly be unnecessary because the temple may have already been uncovered). To uncover the secrets that lie beneath, you must repair one of the solar panels and rotate the others on each of the corners of the temple, all be rotated towards each other in a circle-like shape and pointing towards the center one. This will cause a small shake on your screen, indicating that you have completed that part. The entrance to the temple will be revealed near one of the panels. Once you are inside the first room, you may notice the door to the next room is blocked off. In order to access the second door, kill the one bandit in the room, and the next door should open. Once you get into the last room, talk to the NPC Tal-Rey in there. This NPC is actually Dr. Henry Bones' son, Mississippi, and you tell him that he is not Tal-Rey. Once the dialogue is complete, your screen will flash white*, and real Tal-Rey will emerge from Mississippi's body in the form of a golden, glowing bird-type deity. Talk to that NPC (the bird one) and he will instruct you to choose the right vase from the pile next to you. Note: Choosing the wrong vase will cause you to die. The vase you must select is the brownish broken vase that is not on the top of the pedestal. Selecting any other vase will cause the a small shake, and eventually particles will fall towards the ground killing you.

Sunshard Quest

(Credit to user bubbley552 for creation of this map)


There are a total of 6 sunshards scattered around the map. To begin the quest you must first talk to the priest in the outpost. Observe the map for all the sunshard locations. The following are the 6 locations where the Sunshards can be found: At the end of the parkour course in Cacti Gorge; a small dugout hole inside one of the Bandit Camps; a hole descending into a parkour course near another bandit camp; the peak of Vulture's Landing; At the edge of a overhang above the Wurm Pit; Within the Stingtail Ravines. Upon completion the priest gives you the Portable Water armor, useful for traveling in the Dunes, and also gives you a choice between four lvl 45+ weapons: sword, staff, dagger, or shield.

Completion of the quest is optional, especially if you are under lvl 45. See this page for details on the Sunshard Quest.

Continuing Master Progression

After you completed all the quests, be sure to grind Dustwurms in the Wurm Pit sublocation, as it gives the most EXP. Grinding in Forsaken Isle may be another alternative as BossMo Ko Tu Aa grants better EXP per kill, allowing quick level ups, you should continue this until you are level 45. If you are looking for endgame weapons, the next portion of this guide will help you in achieving so. After you are done, you should head to Nilgarf Sewers. Head through the corridor that leads to a ladder descending into a enclosed pit. Use the enter/exit buttons to traverse through corridors until you end up in the layer where the surface is covered in sewer water with an abundance of Ratties and Batties spawning. Locate a small tunnel hidden underneath a gate and you will be met with a maze. Keep going right until you traverse through a tunnel with wooden posts sticking out from not just the side, but also the middle of the ground. Head left where you will descend into a larger tunnel system. Continue traversing through tunnels until you find the teleporter. Note: If you are under level 35, do not attempt these steps. The Pit Dweller that guards the entrance to the teleporter will, much like Brutus, kill players under level 35.

The Pit

Pit Picture.png

Welcome to the Pit! This location is a dangerous, ancient, and forgotten place, with nasty Mobs that have mutated due to acidic fumes. It can be found in the depths of the Nilgarf Sewers.


Coming out of the Nilgarf Sewers portal, you will find yourself at the top layer of the Pit. Jumping straight down leads you to the Slime family Pit. A sloped land formation allows you to climb out of this small pit allowing you to remain in the layer above. From there, 2 entrances are available for players to walk through both leading to different areas. The first leads the player to a steep wall-like land formation where players must use protruding planks to parkour above. Batties and Ratties are commonly found above here. Going above will lead you to a carved space that acts as the spawn point for Pit Ratties. The portal to Gorgog Pond can also be found within that area. Going underneath the pillar allows you to enter the Possum arena, containing a bottom layer of acid and toxic fumes. The 2nd entrance leads to acid lakes. Going right will lead you to encountering more mobs of the Slime family. Going left and climbing the inclined hill will lead you to the Reanimated Slime lake.


Baby Slime

  • Spawns in a lot of different areas that are mainly inhabited by the Slime family.
  • Relatively low health and low damage.
  • Looks like a green block of slime.


  • Spawns in a lot of different areas that are mainly inhabited by the Slime family.
  • Relatively moderate health and moderate damage (assuming you came here at a relatively high level).
  • Ground bounce AoE attack can drain stamina, like other mobs of the Slime family.
  • Looks like a green block of slime, but bigger in size than a Baby Slime.

Big Slime

  • Spawns in a lot of different areas that are mainly inhabited by the Slime family.
  • Relatively high health and damage.
  • Ground bounce AoE attack can drain stamina, like other mobs of the Slime family, and can quickly drain your health if not careful.
  • Looks like a green block of slime, but largest in size than all mobs of the Slime family.

Reanimated Slime

  • Spawns in lots in an acid lake that's also inhabited by Big Slimes.
  • Extremely high health and damage, however, very slow in walkspeed.
  • Multiple of these can quickly drain your health if not careful.

Pit Ratty

  • Spawns in the upper area of the Pit, as well as next to the portal to Gorgog Pond.
  • Pretty high health and decently high damage and fast attack speed. Its fast nature may pose a threat as well.
  • Multiple of these can quickly drain your health if not careful.
  • Looks like a giant variant of a Ratty with different features.

BossPossum the Devourer

  • Spawns in the metal-grid arena containing toxic fumes and lethal acid. The acid and fumes deal damage about every 0.5 seconds when Possum is active, compared to about every 10 seconds when it hasn't spawned.
  • Extremely high damage, moderate health, very fast.
  • Has multiple attacks:
    • Chomp- bites the player dealing a large portion of damage
    • Gnash - bites the player 20 times, each dealing a small amount of damage.
    • Repulsion - jumps back and attempts to deal knockback pushing the player into the acid in the arena below
    • Hyperopia- Targets the furthest player occasionally

There are also a few final locations you have yet to discover, assuming you have only visited the locations provided in the series of guides. In the Pit, go to one branch of the room containing a parkour wall. Once you reach the top, climb the sloping pillar up to the Batty spawning area and walk towards the Pit Ratty cave. Inside, you may find that another hidden location is found within this enclosed area.

Gorgog Pond


Welcome to Gorgog Pond! This small, enclosed location consists of a pond with murky water. This area is exclusively used for fishing or exploring. With the Advanced Fishing Rod, you are capable of obtaining either Fraud Gorgog Fish, or the real and valuable Gorgog Fish. While the fish has a very low catch rate, the Gorgog's light hits the pond between the times xx:10 and xx:12, increasing the catch rate to 1/38.

Finishing Master's Progression


One of the most important things in this game is builds. A build can simply mean an arrangement of stats, or can also include the use of specific equipment and what scrolls or attributes you want on them. The following provides a list of commonly used builds for all classes. Note: This list is incomplete. If you find a popular build that is not in this list, feel free to add it.

Endgame Builds
Name Skills Stats Equipment Class/Subclass
Multi Mana Venom Bomb Mana Bomb (any level, recommended is max) 30 DEX, remaining points in INT Webbed Staff Mages Mage (preferrably Clerics Cleric)
Sonic Mana Venom Bomb Mana Bomb (any level, recommended is max) 30 STR, remaining points in INT Webbed Staff Mages Mage
Astro Spam Magic Missile (max level) Full INT Astrologist's Scepter Mages Mage
Enlarged Lightning Thundercall (any level, recommended is max) Full INT Depth Scryer Hat, any weapon (preferably Forgotten Staff) Mages Mage
Targetted Lightning Thundercall (any level, recommended is max) Full INT Forgotten Staff Mages Mage
War Mage N/A Mainly STR, a bit of INT (If you are using Chitin Scythe, then mainly INT) Any staff (preferrably high weapon attack or Chitin Scythe) Warlocks Warlock
Stone Wall Warlock (For PvP) Pillage Vitality, Simulacrum 30 DEX, rest VIT Slime Staff, Archaeomagus Robes, Headslime WarlocksWarlock
Shockwave Slam (for PvP) Ground Slam (any level, recommended is max) Full STR Dustwurm Cudgel Paladins Paladin
Empowered Smite Smite (any level, recommended is max) Full INT Forgotten Axe Paladins Paladin
Glass Cannon Paladin Rebuke, Smite (Magic Missile is optional) Full INT Gladiator Armor, Barrel Hammer or Forgotten Axe Paladins Paladin
Mushbuke Rebuke Any (preferrably INT) Mushroom Sword Paladins Paladin

(for PvP)

Rebuke 20 STR, rest INT. Alternatively, full INT Barrel Hammer Paladins Paladin
Walking Cannon Smite or Rebuke 50 STR, rest INT Mushroom Sword and Any armor (preferably Hobo Armor or Gladiator armor.) PaladinsPaladin
Standard Tank Inspire, Parry, Taunt 70-90 VIT, remaining in STR Artifact Aegis Knights Knight
PvP Tank 30 DEX, rest VIT Artifact Aegis, Vibrant Hobo Armor, Rubee Halo/drip/Headslime, Vibrant Fallen Blade Knights Knight
Full Tank Full VIT Artifact Aegis, Vibrant Hobo Armor, Rubee Halo/drip/Headslime, any weapon (preferably high weapon attack and Vibrant attribute) Knights Knight
Block Chance/Untouchable Knight N/A Full DEX Tuaa Shield, Hobo Armor, any headgear that grants DEX, any weapon (preferably ones that give additional block chance). Knights Knight
Annoying Knight (For PvP) Parry Player choice (VIT recommended) Anti-slime-ambush Device, Mushroom Hero Chestplate and Artifact Aegis. KnightsKnight
Immortal Knight (For PvP) Inspire Player choice (VIT highly recommended) Mushroom Hero Chestplate, Artifact Aegis, Mushroom Hero Helmet and Yeti Fur Boots KnightsKnight
Glass Cannon Berserker Blade Spin & War Cry

(Ferocious Assault is entirely optional)

10/50 DEX, remaining in STR Gladiator Armor Berserkers Berserker
Mushserker (for travelling) Combat Roll, Ground Slam 10/50 DEX, rest STR Mushroom Hat, Mush Armor, Scarab Tongue Boots Berserkers Berserker
Wind Swordsman Double Slash, Max Triple Slash 150 Dex, Rest STR Double Ancient Jawbone/Ancient Jawbone with Azariah's Edge/Scrap Sword Berserkers Berserker
Shotgunner N/A 90 DEX, remaining in STR Any bow (preferrably Tuaa Bow or Root Bow to reduce arrow consumption or Dustwurm Longbow to receive high bonuses to critical strikes) Hunters Hunter (preferrably ranger)
Standard Hunter N/A 50 DEX, remaining in STR Any bow [preferrably high weapon attack) Hunters Hunter (preferrably Assassin or Ranger)
Sniper Ranger's Stance Full STR Any bow (preferrably high weapon attack) Rangers Ranger
Ratsassin/Close range minigun/Meat Grinder Shadow Flurry

Shadow Walk

50/70 DEX, Rest STR Skinned Ratty Hat, any armor (preferably Hobo Armor), any weapon (preferably The Incisor). Assassins Assassin

(for PvP)

Disengage (preferably level 7+) Mainly STR, a bit of DEX Any bow (preferably Dustwurm Longbow or high weapon attack), Any dagger (preferably with critical chance) Tricksters Trickster
Magic Arrows N/A 20 STR, 50 DEX, Rest INT Skinned Ratty Hat, Icicle, Any armor (Preferably Ranging Gear), Dustwurm Longbow TrickstersTrickster
Fragile Speedster Hunter Shunpo, Double Jump, Disengage or Shadow Walk 10 DEX Horsehead, Any armor, Sandskulker Boots Assassins Assassin or Tricksters Trickster
INTurer Magic Missile Full INT Any weapon (preferably Rake, or Advanced Fishing Rod. (for ranged attacks) Adventurer
STRturer Rock Throw Full STR Any weapon (preferably Rake, or Advanced Fishing Rod. (for ranged attacks) Adventurer