"A mark of great value in the Colosseum."


The Mark of Valor (Mark of Valor-1) is a Currency added in the Alpha 2.0 update. It is used to buy Barbarian armor sets from the Merchant in The Colosseum.

To obtain a Mark of Valor, the player must be in a The Colosseum server with 10 or more players online who are at least Level 30. Whenever someone dies in the arena, they will drop a Mark of Valor, that can be picked up like a regular item. However, to secure the Marks in the inventory, they must safely make it out of the PvP Zone. When someone dies with Marks in hand, they will drop them all for other players to collect.

Marks are held in the inventory under the "Miscellaneous" section.


  • On October 15th, 2020, Marks of Valor were made to stack to 999 like all other minigame currencies.
    • Previously, they only stacked to 99.
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