"Unleash the purest form of mana upon your foes"



A vanilla Mage Bomb.

Mana Bomb is an Ability of the Mage Mages that can be upgraded up to level 10. When cast, the player summons a sky-blue ball of mana and flings it in the player's mouse's direction. When the ball hits an Enemy or a surface, the ball will explode, dealing damage.


Note: The colors of the Mana Bomb variants in the images are outdated.

Depending on where you put your Stat points into, you can change your bomb into different variants. To activate a variant, you must put 30 points into one stat and the rest in INT; you cannot put your points into anything else.

Pure Mana Bomb

"Unleash the purest form of mana upon your foes. Infused with high INT for extra explosive power."

If the player decides to commit fully to INT as a mage, they unlock the Pure Mana Bomb with all and over 30 points in INT. With the extra power from your increased INT, your Mage Bomb has a much bigger explosion radius at the cost of harsh increased MP consumption.

Pure Mana Bomb has no other visual changes from the Mana Bomb. The color and everything else is still the same, aside from the bigger explosion radius.


The variant Pure Mana Bomb.

Level Radius Power MP Cooldown Range
10 37 365 64 6s 160m

Sonic Bomb

"Channel STR to launch a mana torpedo with faster speed and lower cooldown."

The variant Sonic Bomb.

If the player decides to put at least 30 points into STR and the rest in INT, they unlock the Sonic Bomb. With the extra brute power from your increased STR, your bomb has a higher velocity compared to Mana Bomb with increased damage. It also has pierce, being able to penetrate through multiple enemies before it explodes on its last or when it hits an obstacle.

Players can take advantage of the pierce Sonic Bomb gives by jumping over an enemy and then casting it. The bomb deals damage to the enemy and then explodes at its feet, effectively dealing double damage.

Sonic Bomb slightly differs visually from its regular Mana Bomb counterpart. Instead of blue, it is a striking orange, and when the skill is cast, or the bomb pierces through an enemy, an orange sonic boom can be seen.

Level Radius Range Piercing Speed MP Cooldown Power
8 21 160m 3 2 46 4s 335
9 - - 4 2.25 51 - 340
10 - - - - 53 - 345

Multi Mana Bomb

"Spread out your mana with DEX to fire multiple bombs at a higher cost."

The variant Multi Mana Bomb.

If the player decides to put at least 30 points into DEX and the rest in INT, they unlock the Multi Mana Bomb. Instead of casting one strong bomb, the player casts forth multiple, mediocre bombs. While each bomb is weaker and has less of an explosion radius than its Mana Bomb counterpart, every bomb's combined damage is severely higher than it's predecessor.

Like all Mana Bombs, the direction that the bombs travel in is where your mouse is. However, since Multi Mana Bomb casts multiple bombs, moving your mouse from where you cast your first bomb also moves where the rest of your bombs will travel.

Since the Perks of Mana Bomb also apply to each Multi Mana Bomb, perks like Venom Bomb are much more effective since each bomb will create a venom puddle.

Multi Mana Bomb also has some distinct visual differences between itself and the Mana Bomb. The skill is a deep purple, and when cast, multiple bombs are seen instead of one.

VIT Bomb

There is no variant of the Mana Bomb if the player puts at least 30 points into VIT and the rest in INT. However, it is speculated that it will be added soon and that upon explosion, the VIT Bomb heals the player or homes onto enemies, or both (as both options relate to life - it either gives it to you or chases it).


  • Putting points into more than 2 stat point areas will automatically cancel out any variant and force them to use Pure Mana Bomb (assuming they already have more than 30 INT).
  • It is commonly mistaken as instead "Magic/Mage Bomb" instead of "Mana Bomb."
    • This is likely because its previous name was "Magic Bomb."


  • Sometimes, the Mana Bomb will not explode even though it has reached its range limits. Instead, the casted bomb remains stuck at that location for a while.
  • When equipping an item that gives VIT, the VIT that they give will force the player to use Pure Mana Bomb, assuming they were using any other variant.
    • If the VIT Bomb is added and the player uses it, it will obviously not affect the variant.

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