The Lost Corridor is a secret area in Vesteria. It serves as a link between Enchanted Forest and The Colosseum.

There is a stone gateway in the middle of the map, and its gates can be raised and/or lowered by switches located at the top of the gate. The doorways on either side of the gateway that leads to the top can be open/closed at the top.


  • From The Colosseum: On the path leading up to the main arena from Scallop Shores, veer off to a slight right well before reaching the stairs. The portal is slightly hidden in vegetation.
  • From Enchanted Forest: Coming in from the Great Crossroads, look to the left when you are at Figgleglasses' camp, there will be a portal hidden behind a hill with two houses on it.


  1. Bluesteel Chest: It is located underwater. Coming in from the Colosseum, go left into the water and go under the iron gate. From there, keep right until an alcove is spotted, then go inside the alcove. Inside the Bluesteel Chest are modified Worn Boots.
  2. Chest: Once you enter, go through the main path until you find an open door to the right that you can enter. Enter it, go through the middle stairway, and once you come out on top, look behind you and jump. You will find a cave-like structure. Go through that, and you will find this chest.
  3. Chest: Coming from The Colosseum, head on the main path and take a sharp left towards the first body of water, and head straight down to find this chest


  • The old menu music plays in the Lost Corridor.
  • Like The Colosseum, PvP is enabled in this location. However, you will still get a death penalty for dying.
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