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Levels are obtained in Vesteria through reaching the Experience Point (EXP/XP) thresholds. These can be gained through Quests or killing Mobs. Each Level gives a player 1 Ability point, 3 Stat points (147 being the maximum), 1 point in both ATK and DEF stats, +25 HP, and lastly +5 mana capacity. Reaching a specific Level can also unlock new quests and unlock items that you are able to use.

If you're looking for the right location to grind for your level go here.

Mysteriously, a player gains free levels when they return to Vesteria from a long period of time. This only applies to the first save you open after you return.

Note: Level 50 is the current max level, although it is planned to be increased in the Badlands update. Please add any other values or items to this table if you can.

The player can obtain maximum ability points of:

  • 9 in Adventurer book.
  • 23 in any class book.
  • 23 in any sub-class book.

Level XP Item(s) Unlocked Quest(s) Unlocked
1 172 Stick
2 360 Straw Hat, Worn Boots, Wooden Club, Mush Armor “Abigail’s Apples” in Mushtown
3 670 Old Fishing Rod, Wooden Sword, Gnome Hat ”Mushtown Helper” in Mushtown
4 1,227 “Wheel Woes” in Mushtown
5 2,263 City Guard Pads, Mushroom Hat, Pitchfork, Rake “Mushtown Helper II” in Mushtown
6 4,138
7 7,374 Oak Axe, Wooden Shoulder Pads "Baker's Assistant" in Seaside Path, Able to access Nilgarf
8 12,679
9 20,979 "whale thale" in great crossroad
10 33,444 Acolyte Robes, Aviator's Cap, Bandana, Dusty Hat, Hunter Vest, Rusty Armor, Rusty Helmet, Rusty Sword, Training Staff, Wooden Bow, Wooden Dagger
11 51,517 Sickle "Mountain Patrol" in Redwood Pass
12 76,945
13 111,805 Ancient Staff, Bronze Sword, Mushroom Dagger, Mushroom Staff, Mushroom Sword, Rusty Dagger, "Feed Old Sally" in the Great Crossroads.
14 158,536 "Catapult Mechanic" in Redwood Pass
15 219,964 Apprentice Hat, Apprentice Robes, Bandit Mask, Bandit Vest, Bronze Armor, Bronze Helmet, Bronze Mace, Rubee Halo, Tomahawk, Willow Staff, Wooden Bow, Fishing Rod “Eye See Snels” in Shiprock Bottom
16 299,334
17 400,336 Ranging Gear "Shelly's Snel Shells" in Scallop Shores
18 527,136 Lapis Staff
19 684,404 Iron Sword
20 877,343 Icicle, Ratking Bucket, Yeti Fur Boots
21 1,111,718 Iron Armor, Iron Helmet, Iron Knee Pads, Magus Hat, Magus Robes, Plated Iron Helmet, Skirmisher Boots, Skirmisher Vest, Snel Helm
22 1,393,884
23 1,730,815
24 2,130,132 Ratty Vest
25 2,600,135 Royal Fang, Webbed Staff, Spider Fang Dagger, Spider Leg Bow, Arachnid Armor, Arachnid Helmet, Spider Queen's Crown
26 3,149,829
27 3,788,953 Bloodmage Hat, Bloodmage Robes, Gladiator Helmet, Gladiator Armor, Gladiator Knee Pads, Skull Mask, Ravager Vest, Ravager Boots
28 4,528,008 Lunar Staff, Steel Sword, Steel Helmet, Lunar Hat, Marauder Mask, Steel Armor, Marauder Vest, Lunar Robes, Steel Boots, Marauder Boots
29 5,378,289
30 6,351,911 Advanced Fishing Rod
  • able to access the Testing Realm (formerly)
31 7,461,839
32 8,721,915
33 10,146,891 Embarker Vest, Embarker Mask, Nightstrider Armor, Nightstrider Helmet, Surveyor Robes, Surveyor Hat, Moglo Mask, Mogloko Mask
34 11,752,452
35 13,555,249 Tuaa Staff, Moko Club, Moko Maul, Tuaa Bow, Moko Dagger, Tuaa Shield, Tide Hunter Mask, Depth Scryer Hat, Wavebreaker Helmet "Lost Palace" in The Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied) (Note: Quest requires having Lost Journal in inventory)

Able to access The Pit

36 15,572,927
37 17,824,153
38 20,328,646
39 23,107,204
40 26,181,733 Portable Water, Sandskulker Mask, Sandskulker Vest, Sandskulker Boots, Black Steel Karambit, Artificer’s Hat, Artificer’s Robe, Scraps Staff, Duneplate Helmet, Duneplate Cuirass, Duneplate Greaves, Bronze Schimitar, Scarab Tongue Boots, Archaeomagus Hat, Archaeomagus Robe, Blistergrass Staff
41 29,575,279
42 33,312,052 Savage Shank, Stingtail Staff, Sand-ravaged Bow, Sand-ravaged Schimitar, Dustwurm Longbow, Dustwurm Cudgel, Savage Axe, Digger’s Last Resort, Digger’s First Resort, Sun-scorched Branch
43 37,417,460
44 41,918,131
45 46,841,950 Astrologist's Scepter, Auktufiti's Ballista, Azariah's Edge, Chitin Scythe, Helm of an Ancient Order, Sun Blade, Terul's Talon, Vesra's Eviscerator, Shattersun Dirk, Skinned Ratty Hat, Tuthaffa’s Buckler
46 52,218,081
47 58,077,000 Fallen Blade, Scrap Sword, Scrap Bow, Broken Bottle, Slime Staff, Hobo Armor, Anti-slime-ambush Device, Forgotten Crown, Forgotten Helmet, Slime-Infused Hat, Mysterious Orange Hat, Spelunker’s Headgear, Barrel Hammer
48 64,450,520
49 71,371,824 Headslime, Aviators, Forgotten Axe, Forgotten Staff, The Incisor, Artifact Aegis
50 78,875,490 Wise Beard

'?' is a placeholder as the number is outdated or inaccurate.