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The Holy Scroll is a unique Gold Tier Scroll that can be used to remove all failed upgrade slots (all successful upgrades on the item are unaffected), with the chance of success decreasing each time a scroll is successfully used. Using a Holy Scroll won't use an upgrade slot. The chances of a Holy Scroll working go in the following order:

  • 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, 10%, and then 5% for all subsequent attempts on the same item. Holy Scrolls disappears after 1 use, even if it didn't succeed.

The chance only decreases if the Scroll succeeds. If the scroll fails, nothing about the item will be changed, and the Holy Scroll will disappear due to it being used.

Example: If the 2nd scroll used on an item fails to succeed (80% chance of success and a 20% chance of failure), then the next Holy Scroll attempted will still have an 80% chance to succeed.

Note: Using a Holy Scroll on an item will remove the possibility of Cursed Scrolls giving double-stat upgrades on that item (double-stat upgrades are when you get 2 special stats after successfully using a Cursed Scroll instead of just 1 special stat, like Crit Chance, STR, INT, MP Regen, etc). This is to encourage players to use more Cursed Scrolls to attempt to make stronger items without relying on Holy Scrolls. Although, double-stat upgrades are quite rare, so some players use Holy Scrolls on their items anyway, since it's still possible to roll single-stat upgrades.


They can be bought for 225 Royal Spider Egg at Tree of Life, sold from The Stranger for 1.5 - 12.5 Gold, and rewarded for rebirthing a max level save slot.


  • Exploiters have recently managed to hack the stranger to get a lot of cheap holy scrolls. The trading price has dropped by around 5 - 7 Gold.
  • Holy Scrolls cannot remove the negative stats from cursed scrolls, as they only remove failed attempts.
  • In the description of the Equipment, the “Restoration Chance” will indicate the chance of the next Holy Scroll succeeding.
  • It used to have a normal trading price of 10-12 Gold, but due to some unexpected events, it prices has dramatically dropped to a staggeringly low price.
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