The Hermit's Cave houses one inhabitant, 'Salasalal Salal', who trades Crystal Beetles for rare pieces of equipment.

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Salasalal Salal

How to find it

The Hermit's Cave has a small entrance and can be hard to see right away. A player can access the Hermit's Cave by going up from Tetthafut's Anvil and going across the Scarab's flatlands.

After going across the flatlands there will be two pillars of stone, these pillars seem to be climbable but can only be climbed by Hunters with double jumps. There can be nothing found on top of these pillars. If one were to go past these pillars there would be a cannon that sends them back to around the centre of the desert (the outpost). After going past this cannon one will encounter the Hermit's Cave.


These are the items Salasalal Salal has for sale. All the items here can only be bought with Crystal Beetles. A player can also obtain Crystal Beetles using 9 Broken Crystal Beetles here.

Item Class Price


Savage Shank Hunter 60 Crystal Beetles

(540 Broken Crystal Beetles)

One Good Hit
Savage Axe Warrior 60 Crystal Beetles

(540 Broken Crystal Beetles)

Sun-scorched Branch Mage 60 Crystal Beetles

(540 Broken Crystal Beetles)

Solar Winds
Helm of an Ancient Order Warrior 120 Crystal Beetles

(1080 Broken Crystal Beetles)

Aviators 500 Crystal Beetles

(4500 Broken Crystal Beetles)

You Look Great
Crystal Beetle 9 Broken Crystal Beetles
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